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Learning to Live with Less


I am not a minimalist. My natural state is that of a hoarder. I guess this is a bit of a generalisation but I think a lot of designers and creative's are. It seems that a lot of designers are 'collectors' by nature. I have a few collections - nothing I have been very committed to, some that I have inherited and some that I have started myself. 

Now I don't want to become a minimalist in the sense of living in an empty white box with only the bare essentials and with a very clean and empty aesthetic - but I do want to learn to be more of a minimalist than I am now, and to learn to be content with less, to buy quality rather than quantity and to be far more thoughtful and less compulsive with my purchases. 

It seems that more and more people are talking about simplifying their lives and being content with less and maybe it makes sense that people are really focusing on this now. For the last however many years our western culture has been all about consumerism, owning more, owning the latest thing and our lives have got cluttered, busy and its almost too much to handle. Owning lots of things actually requires work...finding places to store everything, organising your possessions so that you can find them and then don't even get me started on the cleaning involved! 

None of this is going to come naturally as a compulsive hoarder, collector type but change is good and I like a challenge, so I thought I would do some regular (ish) posts on the blog just documenting some of the things that I learn and try, in case any others are interested in doing the same! 

I am going start off by sharing a few blogs that I have found and have been reading that have given me a glimpse into the fact that simplifying your life really can be a beautiful thing. They have inspired me and made me want to change and have lots of tips and ideas, so get stuck in and have a read.

Reading my tea leaves - This blog is all about a little family who live in a pretty tiny apartment in New York and has lots of ideas for keeping things simple and living in a small space. Erin who runs this blog writes in a really lovely and natural way and her posts are always partnered with simple and beautiful photography.

The private life of a girl - Sophie did a whole series on managing your wardrobe using the five piece French wardrobe technique. I really enjoyed reading through her process, seeing what she purchased and reading her tips for making it work, this is definitely something I am interested in trying.

Into Mind - This blog was such a great find and is about all things minimalism and living a slower and simpler life. There are so many great posts and tips and it always helps when the website is beautiful, simple and well organised so it is easy to find info depending on what you are interested in. I found this site through the 30 day minimalism challenge. Maybe I need to give it a go!

The Minimalists - This website is all about living a meaningful life with less. So many interesting articles on this site, it is full of inspiration. I particularly like this quote in one of the articles I read recently: Imagine all the possibilities we will unveil as we shift from a culture of ownership – a culture obsessed with personally owning every object we can get our hands on – to a culture of access, in which every citizen has unlimited access to virtually everything virtually.

I would love to hear what you guys think - is think something you struggle with, are you trying to live with less? Is this a blog series that you will be interested in? Also if you have any other website or blogs that you think I would enjoy reading on this topic, please share them in the comments!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! 

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