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This Month // April

This month has had a lot of fun things going on and some fun little trips. I have found it inspiring to explore new places and get out of London a couple of times and also we have eaten sooo well this month with lots of meals out due to NM's birthday and our wedding anniversary (we are living off baked beans on toast for now!). Anyway here are a few things that I have been up to:


1.  I went to Brighton for the day to visit one of my all time fave friends. Was good to get out of London and have a little creative field trip. 

2. I worked on some prints for the ace new shop Calder & Byrne which will be launching very soon! So excited to be involved and I have had a sneak peak, they are going to be selling some lovely stuff (more about that next week!). 


3. A birthday lunch with some total faves of ours. This Spanish dish was amazing! 

4. London has pretty much totally exploded into spring and is full of blossom! I have been walking A LOT this month and have been taking it all in and loving it!


5. We went to Bristol to celebrate our second wedding anniversary! It was such a lovely weekend and we ate in some amazing places - all of which I will be sharing on the blog next week. 

6. Very excitingly I went to a workshop at Pinterest's offices in London. It was great to learn in a bit more depth how I can make the most of Pinterest and use it as a tool for my business - also a yummy breakfast was involved! Winner.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! I can't believe that April is nearly over but May is going to be a fun month so I am looking forward to it!

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A day in Brighton

When I met up with Siobhan last week she recommended checking out the Elise Gets Crafty podcast and what can I say, I am now addicted. They are so good and I am really enjoying the topics she tackles. One of her early episodes was about creative field trips - I really like this name and realised that this is actually something that has always been important for me. Just getting out of your normal everyday routine and getting inspired. This could be through travel further afield or could even be exploring a new city in your own country, or even just a new corner of your own city or town (or a new area of countryside if you live in the country). 

Last week I went on a creative field trip to Brighton which is always a fun place to visit. It is nice to be in a city with a totally different feel to what I am used to, to be by the sea and also to visit different shops and independent cafes. On Monday I was talking about how great it is to hang out with creative friends, well I got to hang out with an all time fave Kate. I don't get to see her nearly as much as I would like and still dream about us living in the same city again one day but whenever we meet up it is like no time has passed. 

Hope you enjoy these pics from my day. If you have an opportunity to take a creative field trip anytime soon I would totally recommend it. We are actually going to Bristol this weekend for our anniversary so I'm looking forward to a new place to explore and lots of inspiration! 


Happy Wednesday folks! 

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