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My insta faves: teresacfreitas

Normally for these insta faves I do a round up of 8 different Instagram accounts to follow but today I decided to feature just one, as her account is so incredibly beautiful. Introducing teresacfreitas - most of the images in her feed are like works of art in their own right and not something that she has snapped while she is out and about (although there are a few of those two) - and I really enjoy the glimpse into how her creative mind works. After a bit of internet stalking I discovered that Teresa is from Portugal and is a photographer (duh! Well obviously!).

There are lots of surreal images in her feed and her work, she is inspired by the sea and you can see that in a lot of her photographs. 

I really do think that Instagram is my favourite form of social media, and although every now and then the green eyed monster rears its ugly head meaning occasionally I have to unfollow someone for my own sanity, most of the time I discover the most wonderfully creative people that inspire me in all sorts of ways. 

Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram? 

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