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The other night was another reminder of how different NM and I really are - and how our brains just work in such different ways. NM was really keen to make a list of all the things we still needed to do before the wedding. To be honest I don't think I have been that great at communicating to others in particular NM all the different ideas and plans I have been holding in my head. So we started a very detailed and extensive list in EXEL (bllleeuuurrgghh - I am so not an excel kind of girl) - NM was loving it, and assigning each of us tasks so that we could then filter them later...and I will be totally honest I thought my brain was going to explode. It totally stressed me out. I hated it. I want to scribble down a list on a bit if scrap paper...that I would then have carried around with me and very satisfyingly crossed off things as they were done. I guess this is going to be one of the ongoing challenges of being married...learning to live life with someone who is totally different from you and needs to do things in different ways. I wasn't very friendly that night about the excel list and I guess that what I need to learn is that although we weren't doing things in a way I like to work - it was helping NM - a lot - and I guess helping NM is going to be a pretty major job of mine as a I probably should start practicing in the small things.

The next day I printed out the list and have started doodling all over it and cross things out with a big fat scribble when they are done!

I guess one of the amazing things about hanging out with someone so different to me is that I am learning a lot more about me - and noticing things that I just would not have noticed before. Some good things but also a lot of bad things that could really do with changing. I hope being married to NM really changes me for the better...but also that it will be a safe place for me to flourish as me...and develop and grow in all the good ways too. If anyone has any relationship wisdom they would like to share feel free to comment below!

I wish this picture was representative of what the weather is like at the moment - but its not. It is trying to snow AGAIN! *sigh*