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Engagement is a pretty weird limbo period of time for me. I am waiting, waiting for everything to change. I am apprehensive about all the change but then so excited too. My emotions are all over the place. And I am dreaming....constantly. I love talking about the future with NM and dreaming big about all the things we might do and the places we might go, the way we will live out lives. I guess I am excited to be making plans with someone.

Today I have been having crazy dreams (luckily NM loves my crazy dreaming brain) - dreams of living in Italy, Boliva, Cuba, America. I have been dreaming about becoming a photographer....well at least a more proficient photographer. This is my number one post wedding resolution. I have been following the work of some beautiful photographers and I love seeing the world through their eyes. I am desperate to learn to look at the world around me differently. To capture little moments of beauty that might have been missed, to discover happy accidents, to share moments.

I feel a bit tired of London too. I feel like I want to be somewhere with space. Space to think, to read more books, to go on long walks and see what we find. Space to have naps, space to be quiet, space to daydream. I am cramming my days full with far to much noise at the moment. I am going to try and look for little pockets of peace where I can find them.

I have been going through some old work and images recently and I found these Holga photos that I took on a trip to America quite a few years ago now. They make me feel peaceful and inspire me to create and experiment.


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Let me introduce to my 'special' friend - Mr Mosley...all round legend...and excitingly since friday my Fiancé!!!! (brave brave man!) He pulled the most perfect proposal out of the bag. Anyway life is just a whirlwind of all sorts of things to do and people to see at the moment so apologies for my somewhat sporadic posting. The blog may be featuring a fair few wedding related posts over the next few months about things I am learning and things we are making. Check in to find out how we are getting on.