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Our new arrival!

Hello! I am so happy today to be able to pop in and share with you the exciting news of the new addition to our family. He took his sweet time arriving but last week we were joined by Reuben James Mosley. Obviously I am biased but I think he is the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

Nothing of his arrival went as I hope or planned for (I think that is pretty common though) but what a relief to finally have him with us, and I am just so grateful that he is healthy and safe in our arms now. 

We are enjoying the newborn days snuggling and getting to know him. So far he is doing great. After a week in hospital and him being being prodded and poked and basically treated like a pin cushion we are all home now and he is thriving. He is sleeping and feeding well and seems a pretty chilled baby so far. Saying that, it is easy to be anxious a lot of the time as a new parent when you can't work out what he wants or he won't go down to sleep etc. I am trying to be relaxed though and trust my mothers instincts where ever possible. 

I have a few posts scheduled for the next few weeks but forgive me if it's a bit quiet around here. I am looking forward, as the weeks progress, to start working out how I will juggle a new baby, blog and my small business. I will share it on here as I work things out! I am sure there will be a lot of trial and error for a while. I also have some exciting new products that I will be adding to the shop soon too so keep your eyes peeled! 

Little Loves // 04

This week has been a bit busier than I would like. Things at work are ramping up, I am finishing a course and need to do a self counselling essay which is pretty intense. The things I have on are lovely but after a slower start to the year I am craving that slower pace again. I am still trying to keep noticing the little things around me that are lovely even when things get a bit hectic. Here are this weeks little loves.... 1. I finally got round to making this pom pom garland. You can't see it very well in this photo but I used a light yellow wool for the bits in between and then a bright yellow of the actual pom pom's. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out for a first attempt, would like to try some other colours though.


2. I read this book by Austin Kleon at the beginning of the week. It really inspired me and got me excited...and now I need to be better at sharing what I am working on. My plan for this blog has always been to show more work but it has not materialised yet. Watch this space. (and read this book because it is amazing)


3. Got to have a quick brunch with this beauty, and here she is wearing the snood I knitted her. My knitting skills are basic but I am in love with making these big chunky knit snoods. She requested a green and it looks so good on her.


4. These pink petals on the floor. Although they were starting to rot they looked so pretty and almost like confetti.


5. Spending time with family and going for a walk with these guys. I miss them already. I love living in London but sometimes I just want to gather all the people I love and make them live near me! ha.


6. This little flower in a sea of green and brown caught my eye. What a total beauty. The pattern on the petals is just incredible. and those colours. God is the ultimate artist.

our wedding: part four

So I have decided to make this the last wedding post you will be relieved to hear - and it is the photobooth! Literally the most fun thing. It was so great going through after the wedding and seeing what people had got up to! This is just a selection for your entertainment :) so pleased with how the back drop came out too! So many silly pictures...and I seemed to be in there for a while! I am thinking I am going to do a photobooth at every party I have from now on! These photos make me smile so much! We seriously have the most incredible friends and family! Enjoy


all of these photos are copyright of Andrew and Jonathan Wedding Photography. Please do not use them anywhere without linking back to this post and crediting Andrew and Jonathan. Thanks!

our wedding: part one

I am so excited to share some of our wedding shots with you all. We had such an incredible day and Jonathan and Andrew did such a great job of capturing it all. I could not recommend them enough! I am going to be doing a few posts over the next few days (sorry if you get bored!) but here are some to get you started. We were so blessed on the day to have the most incredible sunshine...for any of you have ever visited Wales you will know that is pretty rare!

So many people helped us get ready for the day and we had lots of crafty DIY projects which to be honest I still can't believe all came together on the day! This first post is pictures of the morning and the service - which was held at the Church that I grew up in!


These girls....seriously the most awesome ever! They all looked so amazing in those dresses too!


I love that we seem to have giggled our way through the whole service!


My sister sang while we were signing the register and seriously it was the only point I welled up the whole day. It was incredible. She is going to hate me for including these pics. A friend Larry also sang but sadly we don't have photographic evidence. He was incredible too!


We walked out of the church to Le Freak by Chic. So much fun!


And then welsh cakes and lemonade in the church afterwards and lots of beautiful daffodils. We seriously had the best day. Lots more posts of later in the day to come soon!

all of these photos were taken by Andrew and Jonathan Wedding Photography. Please do not use them anywhere without linking back to this post and crediting Andrew and Jonathan. Thanks!


This weekend we went to Devon. There were 18 of us in total, 3 families with other halves. We have been going away together every year for about 7 years now and it is always AWESOME. I love it even more now that NM is coming along with me. The weather was perfect, the house we stayed in was incredible...and the place had a ping pong table. What more do you need. We spent hours playing ping pong round robin which was pretty much the most fun and hilarious thing ever.

Other highlights were a loooonnnng walk on the beach, wrestling people to the ground, watching a bunch of hand gliders land, having a bounce on the trampoline and drooling over all the amazing food at the Totnes farmers market.