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friday afternoon typo inspiration

Oh man I love pinterest. I needed a little inspiration pick me up this friday so I did little round up of some of my favourite things on my TYPE pinterest board right now. All of this is making me want to hole up in my little home studio tomorrow and just paint watercolour letters all day long. Maybe I will do that. I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to!

(check out my TYPE board to see who everything is by)

Found Font Friday - Jamie Oliver

For a while now I have been a bit of a lover of the Jamie Oliver brand - and for a while now I have thought my dream job would be designing for the Jamie Oliver magazine (combining my two loves - food and design!) anyway I took this photo a while ago of some of the Jamie Oliver products on sale. Got to love that hand drawn typography. I promise you this post has not been sponsored by Jamie. Hope you all have great weekends! I am going to be being a good wife and cleaning the bathroom and doing some hoovering. There will be fun stuff too though!

Found Font Friday - To The Trains

This weeks Found Font Friday comes courtesy of the London Underground. Hmm I have possibly forgotten which station it was at...but I am going to guess Baker Street. (Feel free to correct me if you recognise it.) Anyway I love it. Details like this around and about London are beautiful and just add to the history and richness of this wonderful city. Hope you all have lovely weekends whatever you are up to! x

Found Font Friday

Ok so to try and get me to open my eyes and look at what is going on around me I am going to do a little series on the blog called 'Found Font Friday' - where basically I just post a pic of some cool type that I have found going about my days in London. This first one is up in shoreditch and is massive, as shown by a tiny me in the picture. photography by NM. Hope you all have a great weekend!