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Gifts I would like to give...

I love Christmas - like seriously LOVE it. I think definitely more than most people seem to. I start planning and buying gifts way early, talking about it (and annoying my colleagues) and yeah just lots of general over excitement. Now obviously the most awesome thing about Christmas is that Jesus was born, and Jesus is as awesome as it gets, (want to know why?) but other things I love about Christmas, are decorating the tree, catching up with friends at the midnight service, eating yummy food, having my whole family in one place together, eating and drinking lots of yummy things, opening presents, and then falling asleep in front of the tv, the woodburning stove, christmas music, boxing day walks with friends and eating leftovers...seriously i love it all. But one of things that I really really enjoy (and do all year round, but this a more concentrated amount) is buying gifts. I love buying gifts for people. Anyway after all that waffle about my love of Christmas, here are some things that I would love to give people this christmas. Sadly NM has far too many cook books so probably won't be getting the Kinfolk Cook book (4) - but it looks awesome. How awesome are the monogramed soaps!! I would never want to unwrap them! and the tooth brush holders make me smile.

Anyway maybe these will spark some ideas for you and help with your gift buying...hope you all have a very festive lead up to Christmas!

1. Monogramed soap from Anthropologie 2. London iphone case - Anthropologie 3. Triangle Bracelet - Rackk and Ruin 4. The Kinfolk Cookbook 5. Tooth Brush Holders - The Art Shop 6. Wax canvased lunch bag - Kaufmann Mercantile