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noticing the details

The other day I was popping to the post office - now that is no great event, but as I was walking along a route that takes less than 5 minutes and I have taken thousands of times I was thinking about instagram and how my instagram only seems to get interesting when I go on foreign adventures. Although that might be true it got my thinking that I want to be better at spotting little moments of beauty in my every day. I am really aware of how when I am deeply entrenched in the familiar routine I forget to look and I stop seeing. 

So I set myself the challenge to try and take 6 photographs on that 10 minute walk (5 mins there and back). It was actually incredible. I ended up taking more than 6 photographs and although they weren't all amazing I was really happy with them - and I felt like I really had spotted corners of beauty on a very familiar walk on a very grey day! 

You can see some of my favourite ones above (and obviously I have put some on instagram too!) This is definitely something I am going to try more often, to get me looking, appreciating and finding joy in what is around me. I am going to be using the hashtag #noticingthedetails to keep track of the pictures on instagram so feel free to follow along with what I find or also add your own spots to the hashtag too! 

All of the photos were taken with my iphone and edited using VSCOCAM. 

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