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Shop Update: Enamel Pins

I am so excited to let you know these enamel pins are now up in the shop. 'Winging it' pretty much feels like my life motto right now what with learning how to take care of a little baby - and I always feel encouraged when I remind myself that everyone else is usually winging it too! SO wear this badge with pride and let the world know - you have no idea what you are doing and you are just WINGING IT one day at a time - we are all in this together. 

As I mentioned you can get these pins from my online shop on this website and also from my etsy shop. They are currently available for pre-order at a special discounted price of £5 (postage is £1 within the UK) and will be shipped out on 15th August. On 12th August the price will go up to £7 - so get in there quick if you want one at the discounted price. You have a week to get your order in! The pins are 25mm wide and are black and gold. They will be pinned on a backing board and mailed out in a small padded envelope to keep them safe and protected. 

I would love to hear what you think of these pins. I am so excited to be expanding my product range and I would love to add more pins soon as I already have lots more ideas.


Hope you all have a great pintastic weekend! 

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Book Review: Hand Job

Ha so don't let the title of this book deceive you! If you are a lover of hand lettering and illustrated type then this is the book for you! I have always been a big fan of Mike Perry's work so when I found out he had put together a book about hand lettering I had to check it out and I was not disappointed. 

Hand Job is set up alphabetically and is a catalogue of loads of amazing creatives with examples of their work. I love discovering new people's work and it has information about them and their websites so you can go and explore even more beyond the book. Saying that the book is jammed packed and it has plenty to get you inspired and get your creative juices flowing. 

One thing I love about it is although it is all hand drawn type there is just such a variety of styles and techniques. The lettering is often shown in real life situations on products, printed items, t-shirts etc. The work is also interspersed with photographs of the artists' work spaces in some places. I LOVE is always nice to get a peek into the creative spaces that people work in. 

This book is full of colour and creativity on every page and just really makes me want to get all of my pens out and start doodling and writing things. I think I say this in every post on here...but I really need to work harder at creating work just to experiment and for the joy of it rather than for anything in particular...and who knows where it might lead. 

This book is thick and chunky and jammed packed. If you like doodles, lettering, typography, colour and illustration then this book is the book for you! 

Hope you are all having weeks full of creativity! 

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hand lettering // July
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
Hand Lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley

I think I had been getting a bit stuck in a rut again with my hand lettering..but I really like the last 3 of this set. They are a bit different and a bit more interesting. I am going to try and use these hand letterings on instagram as a chance to experiment a bit more as I really don't do that enough. 

In other news have you seen this cute little series Bianca has started where she hand letters things her friends have said? She included something I said - turns out a lot of people can identify, haha! I am looking forward to checking out more of them as the series continues. 

In other hand lettering news I am trying to get back into practising my calligraphy after this workshop earlier in the year. I want to do the next level workshop but definitely need to work a bit harder on it before I am ready to sign up. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a great weekend. I am looking forward to hanging out with my siblings. 

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#52handlettered (Feb)

I really enjoyed the prompts from Miranti for this month's #52handlettered. I have decided to stick with the blue ink but to think more about my letter formations, style and try and vary it up a bit, and also think about adding little things to the pictures like the keys and the little hearts made out of old envelopes. At the moment I am photographing my ink creations but it is frustrating me that the backgrounds are not pure white and slightly different on each one. This is something I need to work on going forward. I guess I should probably be a bit less lazy and try scanning them. Will see if I can improve that for next month. 

I have done another round up below of some of my favourite offerings from other people. Click on the image to link through to their profiles. Happy Wednesday!


At the beginning of January on instagram I spotted a lovely idea from Miranti from Pen and Peplum, which was to do some hand lettering every week for 2015. I thought it would be a really great way to practice my lettering just for the fun of it, often I only do it for particular jobs or with cards and prints in mind, so I thought this might be a chance to experiment and play around and generally hopefully get better. I got some new inks for Christmas and I am loving the colour of this blue. It is just so rich and I love the texture created by the ink being more concentrated in some areas than others. Maybe each month I will experiment with a different coloured ink. 

I know I am going to find it hard not to be obsessed with only posting things that I am perfectly happy with, but I think it will be fun to see the images over the course of the year and see how my style and skills develop as it goes along. 

This year has already started with lots of hand lettering, with a range of new greetings cards soon to be in the shop and also a calligraphy workshop (and I am still trying to practice regularly) and I am loving it. 

Above are my first 4 contributions to #52handlettered for the year. You can find the prompts set by Miranti here and I am already looking forward to getting stuck into February's

While I have enjoyed taking part in this I have also loved scrolling through the hash tag, seeing what everyone else has been up to and also discovering some more talented people to follow. Here are a few of my favourites - If you click on the images it will take you to their instagram accounts.

If you want to follow along with my creative journey and see more hand lettering you can find me on instagram here

Modern Calligraphy Workshop

For ages I have wanted to learn calligraphy and particularly modern calligraphy. Before Christmas at work we talked about doing a bit of a team building/fun activity in January to inspire us and give us something to look forward to after Christmas had past, so I got in touch with Quill London as quite a lot of bloggers I follow had been to one of their workshops and loved it. 

Quill regularly run modern calligraphy workshops in London but because there was quite a big group of us they put together a workshop especially for us, and we were not disappointed. 

The workshop was 3 hours long and our lovely teacher Chiara from Lamplighter London provided all the materials that we would need (and got to keep afterwards so that we could keep practising) and took us through the process. The class was really well structured and the tasks that were set were really helpful in developing our skills. Chiara was lovely and spent time helping people individually to improve their technique.

It was exciting being taught the basics and being given the skills (and tools) necessary to practice and improve. Part of me was really excited about what I was able to do after just 3 hours, but I also realised how much practice I will need to get really good. But I am really keen to do the practice and improve so that forming the letters and being creative with the glyphs and how letters join each other comes a lot more naturally to me. Watch this space for hopefully more calligraphy action in 2015!

New Greetings Cards

When I set up my etsy shop a month or so ago my plan was that it would predominantly be a print shop, but I wanted to have a bit of variety so I put some greetings cards and envelopes in there too. It's funny how things go but so far the greetings cards seem to have been more popular. So I have been focusing on those over the last few weeks and coming up with new designs. 

I've posted most of the new cards up in the shop now (there are a couple more to come). All of the cards are folded and printed on a lovely 270gsm acid free snow white stock. They are all 210 x 148 mm in size. Each card comes with a coloured envelope, all of which are made from the highest quality coloured paper. They are 135gsm, 229 x 162 mm in size and have a gummed flap. 

Also today I am putting together an order for the Turpentine in Brixton. It is seriously one of my favourite shops and so I am so excited that they will be stocking my cards - If you haven't been there you should check it out. It is full of a hand picked mix of design led indie craft, art prints and giftware as well as hosting a wide range of evening and weekend art workshops and courses. It's such a good place for getting unique gifts or to just treat yourself!

I have a wholesale catalogue now so if you are a little independent shop/florist and you think my cards would work in your shop please get in touch - I would love to hear from you! 

Happy Monday - Hope you all have a great week!