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A week in Boston
Liz Mosley Boston

After our jam packed few days in New York we headed on a bus to Boston. Our week there was much more chilled than NY and we were staying with some lovely family friends. We were staying in the South End of Boston which is a seriously nice neighbourhood. 

We had a lot of fun wandering around exploring the cute little independent shops (like Olives and Grace who I had been following on Instagram for a while) along with deli's and cafes. We did have a little bit of a culture shock with some of our shopping experiences. I guess we must be 'reserved' Brits because we found some of the staff in various shops pretty full on - they certainly know how to do the hard sell!

Liz Mosley Boston

Because we didn't cram in quite as many things each day as we'd done in New York I've decided not to do a day by day account but rather share what we got up to under different headings. If you have a trip planned to Boston I would seriously suggest trying these places out!

Coppa - This little Italian restaurant had great reviews. We went there for drinks and nibbles one afternoon and sat out on the sidewalk (see how American I have got?). The arancini and boquerones were pretty spectacular. 

The Beehive - We went here on the first night we arrived and it was so much fun! Except I got ID'd at the bar and nearly wasn't allowed in as I didn't have it with me! They had a great band playing live jazz -  which was totally the sort of jazz I love and the delicious cocktails were a winner in my book!

South End Food Trucks (SOWA) - I think food trucks are one of my favourite ways to experience great food. I just love the relaxed vibe. We were lucky that while we were visiting one of the car parks in the South End was overtaken with loads of great food trucks! I know we do have some but I hope food trucks become more of a thing in the UK.

Liz Mosley Boston

DeLux Cafe - This was a great local place with a relaxed and friendly vibe and fun kitch decor. 

Legal Sea Foods - Great seafood is a given in Boston and this place did great clam chowder! Lots of other yummy seafood on offer too. 

Union Oyster House - We didn't go this time, but if you are into oysters you should go and sit at the oyster bar and eat them here! It's super popular but such a fun vibe.

Mikes City Diner - If you want a proper American breakfast full of eggs, pancakes, grits etc and frankly more than you could ever eat then Mikes is the place to go - it is a proper traditional American diner and such a fun experience. 

Beacon Hill -
This is a historic neighbourhood in Boston, full of beautiful houses and is a lovely area to wander around, with lots of cobbled side streets and huge brownstones. Definitely worth wandering around and seeing if you can sneak a peek in some of the windows. 

Liz Mosley Boston
Liz Mosley Boston

Marshfield - We also spent a couple of days at the beach about an hour south of Boston reading, taking long walks on the beach, eating yummy food and generally just relaxing. We lucked out with the weather those two days and got a little bit of a sun tan. I decided to brave the water and went for a quick swim - and I mean REALLY was soooo freakin cold, I think I lasted about 3 minutes. 

Liz Mosley Marshfield
Liz Mosley Marshfield

Boston Common - one thing I love about Boston is how walkable it is. You can explore so much of the city by foot. On one of the days we walked all around the centre including Boston Common which is a beautiful park and also the fairly new Rose Kennedy walkway. The city, in my opinion seems to have a great mix of high rise buildings and interesting architecture interspersed with lots of green space. 

Liz Mosley Boston
Liz Mosley Boston
Liz Mosley Boston

Harvard - Just a short train ride away we visited the beautiful grounds of Harvard. It has such a great atmosphere and is just like you have seen in all the films. Beautiful buildings and it was fun watching lots of students and their parents being taken around on tours. 

Liz Mosley Harvard
Liz Mosley Harvard

Institute of Contemporary Art - I think this is one of my favourite galleries in the world. It is not huge but it's the perfect size for me based on the amount of time I like to spend in a gallery. It is an interesting building with incredible views over the waterfront and in the summer they have gigs and all kinds of interesting things going on in their outdoor space, over the years I have seen some great exhibitions here (One time I visited there was a Shepard Fairey exhibition that was amazing!) . This time sadly half the exhibition space was closed but I still really enjoyed looking around the exhibition that was there. 

We didn't really do much shopping on this trip but we did visit a few cute places while we were wandering around. Olives and Grace is a cute little shop in the South End with super friendly staff. Newbury Street is a really nice place to go shopping, lots of high end shops and also lots of chains that we have in the UK. We also visited Davids Tea. We are not that big into tea but if you are then this is the place to can get all sorts of loose tea here - more types than you can ever imagine - only go in if you are willing to sniff almost every type of tea they have though before buying anything. Also just wandering around the South End you will find lots of cute little boutiques and quirky shops. Definitely worth exploring. 

If you have any plans to visit Boston I hope these recommendations help and if you don't, totally add it to your travel wishlist! We had such an amazing time and now I am itching for more travel adventures. We will probably have to wait until next year and after quite a few city breaks since we have been married we are thinking somewhere more remote for our next trip and maybe somewhere in the UK

I hope you're all having a great Tuesday and have lots of summer adventures planned! 

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Visiting Venice

You may have worked out from my Instagram or this blog post, that NM and I went for a week's holiday in Venice. I thought I would do a little post about our time there in case anybody is planning a trip and wants some tips and advice. 

We decided for this trip to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel. Partly because hotels in Venice are pretty expensive and partly because we love food and we wanted to be able to buy and cook our own food from the local markets. We booked an apartment from this place - it was small but very central, perfect for two people and just what we wanted. 

We are total food lovers, so when we travel food plays a big part in our plans and what we do! It can be hard to find good restaurants in Venice as there are just so many geared up for tourists that don't serve anything very special or that appetising. Our general rule was if they had photographs of the food in the windows we would give it a miss. We were lucky to have a few restaurant recommendations from friends which served us well, and I would definitely recommend doing a bit of research about places to eat. The other thing we discovered early in the week was Cicchetti which is basically an Italian form of tapas. It's common for Italians to head to their favourite Bacari for Cicchetti and a glass of wine or prosecco throughout the day. When we discovered it we realised this was much more our sort of vibe rather than fancy meals out, so we would plan our days around various Cicchetti stops and on the last day decided to do a Cicchetti crawl where we visited a few great Bacari's that we had seen throughout the week. 

Here are a few of our favourite places that served Cicchetti: Cantine del vino gia schiavi, Osteria Al Squero, Al Bocon Divino, Do Spade

Some restaurants we liked were: Osteria alla Frasca, Taverna Al Remer,

The other thing we did in Venice was head to the Rialto market (which opens in the mornings) and bought fresh ingredients to make our own dinner. We got some fantastic sardines and king prawns and made a really lovely pasta dish. The seafood in Venice really is pretty spectacular, and so if you enjoy cooking and are staying in an apartment with a kitchen I would totally recommend this! 

Also GELATO - eat it, lots of is amazing. (especially the pistachio flavour) - We went to: Gelateria Nico

Travelling around
On our way to Venice we were debating on whether we should buy a week's Vaparetto pass (it works out cheaper than buying a ticket each day or for each trip) - but we decided not to in the end and I'm so glad we did. Because our apartment was pretty central in the San Marco sestiere (district) we were able to easily walk to all of the 6 different districts to explore them each day. We found that we had no need to take the Vaparetto. Going everywhere on foot ended up saving us quite a bit of money. We did get a Vaparetto pass for one day and that was to go to the islands further out to the North, called Murano and Burano. It was totally worth a day trip as they are absolutely stunning islands - especially Burano which is very small but full of brightly coloured houses. 


I would definitely recommend getting the Vaparetto for at least one of the days you are there because it is nice to see the city from the Grand Canal - even though the boats are often very crowded.

I am hoping that all the walking we did cancelled out all the eating and drinking we did. We did find we had to make stops to just sit and watch the world go by because if we walked for too long we both got tired and grumpy. ha. 

Things to do
There are lots of things to do in Venice and to be honest we didn't really do any of them. We needed a chilled week and so we decided to do Venice our way. This consisted mostly of walking around and exploring the different districts, stopping off for food and drinks when we wanted and just generally taking it easy. As I mentioned above we did go to Burano and Murano one day which was really fun. Venice is SO touristy. It kind of bothered me a lot at the beginning (even though I know, I know, I was one of the tourists) - I think because Venice is not that big the concentration of tourists is just way more intense, and everywhere you go there are people speaking different languages and taking pictures of themselves with selfie sticks. As the week went on I was more chilled about it and just embraced it though. We would often try and go off the beaten track to area's that were more residential, a lot quieter and a lot less touristy. We went to two art galleries when we were there. The Peggy Guggenheim and also the Ca'Pesaro where they had an exhibition of modern art called 'Rauchenberg to Jeff Koons'. I loved this exhibition, partly because it was full of artists that I love, but also the building was spectacular and there weren't loads of people there. I would recommend the Peggy Guggenheim too but it was much busier so it was harder to really appreciate the works of art. 

We decided not to go on a Gondola ride while we there...some people have their hearts set on it, and if that is you, I would say go for it. I enjoyed watching them go by - those Gondola men have some serious skills navigating the canals but yeah actually getting on one didn't appeal. 

There are lots of shops selling leather made goods, glass goods, Venetian masks and things like that, and also much to my delight stationery shops selling absolutely stunning hand printed papers and things made out of those hand printed papers. haha - I am such a geek but these are the shops that got me really excited. I spent all week going into them and then at the end of the week found a shop that had a beautiful range of handprinted and machine printed paper, so I treated myself to 6 sheets. 

Venice is a truly magical city. It is just like you have seen in the films - there is a stunning view around every corner and it is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is the most touristy place I have ever been to too, but I loved exploring this city. Lots of people were surprised when we said we were going for a week, and on reflection I can see why, you could totally get a sense of what Venice is like in a few days, but we took things at a slow pace and wandered around in the sunshine and had a really lovely relaxing time. If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask in the comments below...I might not know the answer but will do my best to help! 

Currently... (in Venice)


I have been meaning to do another one of these currently posts for ages and I thought since I was on holiday in Venice and having a bit of down time (in between wandering the streets and eating) I would do a post from here...this is what is going on: 

taking: loads of photos. Venice is just stunning and around every corner is a beautiful canal/building/scene to be photographed. Also Burano = most colourful place I have ever been - I think it will need a blog post all of its own. 

Cooking: King prawns and other treats that we brought from the Rialto market. SO MUCH fresh seafood it was amazing.

Watching: Series 4 of Damages. It has been so fun to watch a box set together. 

Reading: The Watcher in the Shadows by Carlos Zafon. I couldn't put it down and it was scary - then I found out it's a kids book. haha. Anyway I would totally recommend it. I bought it at the airport on NM's recommendation and devoured it within a few days of holiday...going to check out some of his other books. 

Wearing: Warm clothes...but not needing a coat. Am fearing the winter coat will need to come out when we get back to London. 

Noticing: that we are doing A LOT of walking and hoping that this might cancel out all the eating and drinking we are doing.  Ever heard of Cicchetti? If you are ever in Venice make it your business to find out about it and sample the delights!

Thinking: I really need to eat less bread!

Grateful: For this holiday and just having some space to chill and think - the last few weeks and months have been pretty mental and this is the recharge I think we both needed to get us through to Christmas!

Starting: to design more greetings cards in my a few more ideas for christmas cards and even started thinking about some valentines ones - hoping to have the latest batch up in the shop next week

Obsessed: with the paper shops in Venice. So many sheets of beautiful marbled and handprinted paper, and so many notebooks.  

Enjoying: watching lots of Japanese tourists photographing themselves all over Venice with selfie sticks! Ha. 

Dreaming: about growing my little etsy business that I have started. A few exciting things have been coming up recently that I have been motivating me to keep going and keep working hard at it. 

a little wandering in the Gower

Quite a few months ago now (yeah yeah I am way behind on posting loads of stuff!) we took a little a trip to the Gower in Wales with some wonderful friends and it was pretty awesome. The weather wasn't amazing but we still managed to get out, sit on the beach and get burnt. Here are a couple of pics. Not all of these pics were taken by me...some were taken by Steve.  The Gower area on the south coast of Wales is seriously beautiful and a place that I really want to explore more. I think in the past I have always had major wanderlust for exploring foreign climbs but I think I am coming around to the idea that holidays in the UK are pretty cool too, I have quite a long list of places that I would like to explore.

Talking of foreign adventures though - I am looking forward to sharing some pics from Colombia soon too over the coming weeks - and next month we head to Venice. Am feeling super blessed that we have got to do go on some awesome trips since we got married. I really do love adventures with that guy. 


I have spotted quite a few people doing these sort of lists on blogs all around the place and it seems like such a great way of giving a little snap shot of life at that moment and also documenting it. Anyway I thought I would give it a go and see how it went. If I get into it maybe I will make it a regular feature or maybe it will get a bit boring...but hey I like trying new things!

Making: lots of prints to sell in my new etsy shop. So excited to hopefully launch it in Sept. Still so much work to do

Cooking: things with our own home grown courgettes! We picked our first ones the other day and looking forward to sampling them this evening with dinner

Watching: lots of things on Amazon prime instant video - usually in the middle of the night when I can't sleep due to coughing fits. (looks like I might have whooping cough!)

Reading: The most wonderful book given to me by a friend for my birthday. Its called 'One thousand gifts' by Ann Voskamp - and the tag line which I love is 'A dare to live fully right where you are' - I need to learn that for sure.

Wearing: A couple of new clothes that I got for our holiday next week (woohoo!)

Noticing: that we are living a better pace of life these days. We still have a lot of work to do to get the right balance but have been feeling very happy and content the last few months.

Thinking: about ways that we can be better with our money. Trying to get into better habit of spending less.

Grateful: for a husband who looks after me so well when I am sick!

Starting: to take on some more freelance jobs after a break earlier this year. If you have any design needs and fancy working with me - let me know!

Obsessed: with avocado's - seriously can't get enough of them.

Looking: for the perfect black maxi dress. Haven't found it yet but the hunt is on. I want to really simplify my wardrobe this year and have lots of simple and classic pieces that will last a long time.

Wanting: to meet a new little man that has just arrived into the world. Even though I haven't met him yet I love him already!

Enjoying: gardening. Seriously never thought I would say that, but there is something so satisfying and exciting seeing something you have planted grow.

Loving: the fact that I will be seeing lots of family that I don't get to see very often soon.

Dreaming: about having my feet in the sand and swimming in the sea in a couple of weeks time.