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our lives in polaroid

Ok so technically not polaroid but instax...but hey its the same deal. These are some pics that we took on our honeymoon. It was such an amazing time. I am hoping to have a wall full of instax pictures documenting our lives and also people who visit us in the kitchen and these will definitely be going up there!! I love the bottom left one of Mount Etna and the top right with NM's wonky sunglasses.

We Wed

So it happened. We did it. Last Saturday I married my bestie! after all the build up...that's it...its done. and now we have the rest of our lives together! I am still getting my head around it all to be honest. It was a perfect day. It went better than I could have expected. Anyway I have so many wedding related posts in my head that I want to do...but this is just a sneaky quick post while on honeymoon (NM is getting ready to go out exploring!)

Thanks to Ana for the awesome photo she snapped!