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Reader Survey 2015

Guys I have been thinking for a while that it would be pretty interesting to do a reader survey. I have really noticed that since January onwards, as I have been blogging a lot more consistently, engagement and readership has increased, which is great! As much as I write this blog for my own enjoyment and as a creative endeavour that I find inspiration from - you, my lovely readers are pretty key in the whole process. As I work on the blog and develop the content and try and work out what is working and what maybe isn't, it would be so useful to know a bit more about who is reading it and also your thoughts on what you enjoy and what you don't. I know there are a lot of areas that I can improve on, and I am really enjoying that process, so your answers to these questions I've put together will really help me to work out how to do that more effectively and how to grow in the right direction. 

You can find the form below and it really would mean the world to me if you would take five minutes out of your day to answer these questions (seriously you can see how grateful I am - my arms are open wide to give you a hug in the picture above! Haha such a silly photo but it made me laugh!).

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I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

(photo above taken by Samee Lapham)

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Get more sleep

So another one of my resolutions this year is to get more sleep. I really think it will make a difference to my life. Unfortunately it is something that I have never been good at. When it comes to going to bed I am the queen of FAFF. I am masterful at it. Anyway my mission this year is to get more sleep. I thought this week I would do a little poster to remind myself. So my aim is to get 8 hours each night. I think at the moment I am probably averaging 6.5-7 which is not ideal. Once I am married - I don't think NM will let me get away with my faffing ways so maybe that will help. Who knows. Am loving this woodblock type font. My lovely brother bought it for me for Christmas. It has a rude name.