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Paper Flower Workshop: Quill London

Earlier in the week I used a birthday gift voucher and headed along to a paper flower making workshop hosted by Quill London and taught by Susan Beech from A Petal Unfolds. The workshop ran for two hours and was held in Quill's beautiful little stationery shop (I wanted ALL the stationery!). 


I didn't really know what to expect - and naively thought I would come away from this workshop with a whole bunch of paper flowers! Ha. How wrong I was - it took the entire two hours to make the one flower - and that was with a few of the elements having been pre-cut for us!! Honestly the amount of love and detail that goes into making each single flower is a lot and it gave me a much better understanding of what is involved in this process. 


Susan took us through the process and showed us what we needed to do at each stage, and then with the tools we were given we were able to crack on with making our own peonie. The peonie had 36 petals - Susan told us that when she makes a ranunculus over 100 petals are needed!!


It is very detailed work and there is a lot of cutting out that needs to be done, but it is so satisfying seeing the layers being built up and then a beautiful flower appearing! 


This is my final flower. I went for deep red colours and I am really pleased with how it turned out - although having looked at the example ones that Susan had made, there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. Sorry the photos are a bit rubbish - I was quickly snapping away on my phone in-between cutting! I am hoping to get some more materials so that I can make a few more and maybe eventually make a bunch! 

Also if you are interested in having a go but are not near London to go to a workshop I found this tutorial on Design Sponge (and I am sure there are many more out there) which looks really detailed so am excited about giving these flowers a go too! 

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