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m_82_pf_open_white 048

Have you heard of Creative Mornings? If not you need to. They have just created a beautiful new website. (seriously hot stuff!) It is a breakfast lecture series for creative people and is happening in 57 cities around the world. Now I haven't actually made it to one of the London creative mornings yet, but boy have I been making the most of the website. All of the talks from all of the cities are filmed and put up on the website and each month there is a different theme. I am slowly working my way through them and they are so inspiring. I have gotten into the habit of maybe once a week watching a talk while I eat lunch at my desk. I have discovered some incredible creative people, seen some wonderful work and been made to think. Today I watched a talk by Mig Reyes and it was frankly brilliant. I have been reminded that ugly is part of the process and maybe beautiful isn't always the point. I think we do all get a bit fixated on making everything beautiful all the time. I guess as designers that is what we are taught to do, but actual Mig is right. Ugly is part of the process and so is breaking things and making mistakes, I am going to try and be less ashamed in future of the ugly things that I create, because to be honest its all part of learning and becoming a better designer.

CreativeMornings with Mig Reyes from CreativeMornings/Chicago on Vimeo.

A few of my other faves have been:

Jessica Hisch

Lisa Congdon

Nick Cambell

Happy Friday! Hope you all get inspired over the weekend! Will be posting another interview next week which I am excited about...keep an eye out!