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Inspired by Karolin Schnoor

I have been admiring the work of Karolin Schnoor for a little while now, and it was these screen printed envelopes that cemented my love (I don't think I would ever be able to send them to anyone though, they are just too beautiful). Karolin is a German illustrator and designer who lives in London and she has a pretty lovely client list having worked for people like The Barbican, Creative Review, Huck Magazine, Little White Lies and the V&A. 


When I was picking which images to use for this post I was drawn to her black and white illustrations. I love how often she works with black and white and then includes a bright pop over colour, like the first image and the neon pink glasses in the prints below. She also does lots of beautiful illustrations with colour which you can see on her website

I am hoping one of these days to add one of these beautiful prints to my collection. Check out her etsy shop if you fancy one too. Hope you all have a great Thursday and keep your eyes open for the free download tomorrow. 

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