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Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World

Webstock '13: Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World from Webstock on Vimeo.

I listened to this talk by Mike Monteiro yesterday on my lunch hour and it was kind of a bit of a wake up call. It was a good telling off to designers basically. I think I have felt a bit a stale and dare I say uninspired in the my design life the last few months - but this talk has reminded me what it is all about it. Its about creating something of value, something that enriches and benefits society. Something that solves a problem...but not just any old problem...problems that need solving and are good problems to solve. I would really really recommending giving this talk a listen...what ever job you do but especially if you are involved in any form of design or creating. Be warned though there is a lot of swearing.

Some of the quotes that really struck me while listening were:

"Creation without responsibility breeds distraction"

"You are responsible for the work that you put into the world, and you are responsible for the effect that work has upon the world."

"As a designer you have a responsibility to your craft."

"Destroy your apathy"

"If you don't care about what you are designing then STOP"

You will notice a common theme there is responsibility. I need to take responsibility for what I create and what I put into the world. Anyway there is a lot to think about and mull over. I think I might go and find his talk on creative mornings and give that a listen.

If anyone else listens to this talk would love to hear your thoughts!