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Shop Small: My wishlist

A few weeks ago I shared a shop small guide to Christmas cards - well this week is ‘my wishlist’! These are the things that I would love to get for Christmas and I think you guys will love them to and they might be inspiring as you work out what to get for friends and loved ones. I thought I would share a bit about each one - but please check out all the small businesses that I have linked below because they really are lovely and these are not the only products that they sell.

1. Sleepy Doe - Mumma Collar PJ set - I already have a set of sleepy doe pyjamas and they are seriously so comfortable. Right now my nights are spent breastfeeding so I really want a comfortable and warm set of pyjamas that button down the front for easy access. These tick ALL the boxes. They also do gorgeous kids pyjamas.

2. The Botanical Candle Co - Soy Wax Melt gift box - I have been in love with this company ever since I discovered them on instagram and bought one of their gift boxes for my sister in law. Their candles are gorgeous, their packaging is beautiful and I just love their aesthetic - everything they sell is stunning. I love the simplicity of soy wax melts and think this would be a beautiful and relaxing addition to my bedside table.

3. Claire Hill Designs - Feather Gold Charm Necklace - I am a big fan of simple gold jewellery and have been a fan of Claire Hill’s designs for a little while. I love this leaf necklace and she also has a beautiful acorn one, and I think it would look great layered with some longer gold necklaces.

4. Tilly and the Buttons - Stevie Dress Pattern - I have been wanting to try and make my own clothes for a little while but my sewing abilities are not that great, but I think this pattern from Tilly and the Buttons could be a good place to start. I love this style of dress and it is supposed to be a good pattern for beginners. All I will need to do is find the time - ha!

5. Fine Little Day - Book - Fine Little Day create such inspiring designs and products and I saw this book in a shop a few months ago and it just looked so inspiring, and full of creativity and ideas for living a creative life.

6. Young Gums - Beth Bently - I am constantly getting stuck in ruts with what meals I feed my toddler, and next year I will start weaning my daughter so thought a new kids cook book to give me some inspiration would definitely help. This one looks great and I have heard people rave about it.

7. Libby Ballard - Ceramic Travel Mug - I am not a coffee or tea drinker so haven’t got myself a reusable travel mug but my chai latte and hot chocolate intake has gone up recently so I thought it was time to stop getting throw away cups in cafes. This ceramic travel mug is gorgeous and comes with a fabric band to hold onto. Super stylish and I just love beautiful ceramic mugs.

8. Lines and Current - Mona Ring - My love for gold jewellery continues with this simple but stylish ring from Lines and Current. They have so many beautiful products but I really love all of their jewellery. This one has been on my wish list ever since I saw it.

Another thing to mention is that this week is Just a Card’s Indie Week and loads of small businesses have been posting on instagram and sharing about what they make and so if you check out the hashtags #indieweek and #justacard and you will find so much inspiration and lots of ideas for great gifts. Just a Card do such an incredible job of supporting and championing small businesses and you can find out more about their reason for existing and how you can get involved here.

My Favourites Bracelets

So I was always a big chunky silver jewelry kind of girl, but recently (well since the engagement ring, 1930's, vintage, gold, thin etc) I have been rethinking my accessory taste and have been embracing more dainty feminine gold jewelry. I really fancy some gold bracelets, thin simple ones that could be stacked. These are my favourite ones that I have found on etsy so far. I am particularly in Love with 1 and 7 (ahem wink wink nudge nudge NM!) but I like the way 2 and 8 introduce a bit of colour as well! Find them all here 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Also can I recommend buying things on etsy. The people are really really lovely.

My Favourite Rings

So I have been looking for wedding rings on etsy recently...and I have found so many lovely rings. I thought I would do a round up of my favourites. I don't think I would wear all of these but I really like them. It is so funny how my style has changed. I used to be all about big silver chunky jewellery (which I still really like) but recently I have been leaning towards more dainty simple gold rings - I think influenced by my engagement ring which is thin and gold. You can find them all here - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and just for the record my fav's are: 2,5,6,7 - which ones do you like?