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Book Review: the 1000 Journals Project

The book review for this month is a pretty cool one. The 1000 Journals Project. The idea behind the project was inspired by graffiti and the conversations that people have with each other through it in public. For this project 1000, blank journals were sent out into the world...either mailed to people or left in places for people to find. Each journal had instructions inviting people to contribute to the journal and then pass it along to someone else. There were no rules. This book is basically a collection of the 'best bits' of the thousand journals. 


Every page is so different and so interesting. I just love thinking about how many people found and worked on these journals. Imagine the joy of finding one, the journey's that each journal have been on and the stories they tell. One of the beautiful things about journals such as these 1000 that were sent out, is the tactile nature of them. I guess part of that is lost when the pages are reproduced in a book such as this but there are some lovely tactile elements to this book, like the stitching on the cover and also in the leaves (above left) and on other pages. 


" Based on flux and faith, the 1000 Journals Project is an experiment where journals themselves are a museum and every participant is an artist."
- Someguy, Project Creator.


This is a small but thick, quality feeling book that is full of beautiful drawings, doodles, patterns, words and collages. It is the sort of book that you can dip in and out of and there are always new details to notice and enjoy! It makes me want to keep a 'visual' journal of my own too. I used to do that a lot in art college but I guess haven't made the time to do so recently. 

Anyway I totally recommend this book, it is a beauty and it pretty much proves that everyone is creative. 

Happy Friday, hope you all have a great weekend! Anyone got any fun plans? 

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