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Inspired by Aisha Zeijpveld

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to one of the days at the Offset London conference. I had been to one of the Offset conferences in Dublin quite a few years ago and was excited that they were putting something on in London. 

There were lots of inspiring talks from different creatives throughout the day but I think the major highlights for me were Erik Kessels and Seb Lester. Someone new to me who's work really blew me away though (I have kept thinking about it since) was Aisha Zeijpveld

She is an Amsterdam based photographer and you might not necessarily know it from looking at her photographs but there is so much work that goes into them. I have lots of friends who are photographers and I know that it's not a case of just pointing and shooting - there is lots of planning, research, styling and technical skill that goes into each shot. But Aisha's work just took things to a whole different level. The way she works seems very experimental and sometimes looking at the images you just can't know all the different layers and processes that she has gone through to get the final outcome. 

I think this is why her talk really stood out to me because it was really fun to see the behind the scenes of how she works. The image below for example hasn't been photoshops. Portraits were taken and then parts of the image where cut away and light shined through to get the halo effect. 

Again, you might think that the below was photoshopped but actually it was a case of genuinely throwing things at this guys face to get the perfect shot. I think what is quite exciting (and risky I guess) is that you don't always know how it is going to turn out - or how long it will take to get something that works and is just right. 

Quite a lot of her work involves various stages of photography. A photograph might be taken and then printed, ripped and manipulated and then photographed again. It gives them such a deep and beautiful quality that I think would get lost in photoshop. I think the image below is really beautiful and was for an editorial piece to illustrate back pain. 

 I would really recommend checking out Aisha's website to see more of her beautiful work. There is such a distinct style and beautiful quality to her images. It is always amazing to discovered an artist and to be inspired and mesmerised by their work. 

I hope you all have an inspired Thursday! 

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