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Tips to keep the creativity juices flowing

I don't know about you but sometimes go through phases where I feel stuck in a rut with my creativity. I have been in one recently and I feel like I am only just surfacing from it. I have been thinking about some of the ways that help keep my creative juices flowing and so I thought I would share a few of them in case they might help anyone else. 

1. Walk lots. I have recently been walking a lot more (about 1.5 hours some days) and I make a point of not listening to music or podcasts and just daydreaming. I find that my mind wanders and I start thinking about projects I am working on and ideas seem to flow more naturally. I find myself coming up with designs in my head. (The photo above was taken from one of my walks to work recently).

2. Come up with ideas everyday. Sometimes I think it is good to train your brain in certain behaviours or to think in particular ways. I think you can do this with idea generation. Train your brain to come up with lots of ideas. Keep a notebook (can be physical and/or digital) and set yourself the challenge of coming up with 10 ideas everyday. They don't all have to be good ones, just get them down and you might be surprised by what you have. I try to do this with blog posts and I now have a pretty long list.

3. Travel. Now this doesn't have to be somewhere far away or exotic but I think going somewhere new where you haven't been before is stimulating for the brain. There are new things to see and explore and it can often be very inspiring. Time away from everyday routines can be great. If you can afford to visit other countries amazing, but I find a weekend away in another city or even exploring a part of town I am not familiar with does the trick. 

4. Read books. This is something that I have not been very good at recently but I have got a pile of novels that I am eager to crack on with (all the walking has meant less time on the bus reading!). We learn so much from reading and I think often reading about things that might be totally unrelated to the creative project you are working on can spark connections, or make you think outside the box and in new ways. 

5. Learn a new skill. Sometimes if you are struggling with a particular project it can help if you channel your creativity in a different direction and learn something new. So for example if I am struggling with a particularly tough design job - taking a break and making candles, practising calligraphy or linocutting can focus my brain in a different way and get me all inspired again, so I am fresh to go back to the tricky design I am working on. A great place to start with this is skillshare. There are so many amazing online classes that you can take and don't cost very much and it always feels so good to learn new things. 

I hope some of these work for you. I would love to hear if you have any other ideas for how to keep creativity levels high. 

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The art of communication

Yesterday at marriage class we learnt about the importance of communication in relationships. So basically I am super selfish and interrupt all the time because I want to say what I have to say instead of listening to what NM has to say....and then NM always tries to give advice and fix the problem...when actually all I want is for him to listen to how I am feeling about a situation. Its pretty interesting learning how different we are and how we need different things to feel loved and happy.

So now my challenge is to be a better listener. To let NM say what he needs to say at his own pace and to be patient while he says it. Its not going to be easy! But I am determined to get better at it. This verse from James will be a good reminder. (I also wanted to play around with this new font I bought yesterday!)

We also talked about how communication doesn't always have to be verbal. I am going to write more letters this year. I still believe that getting lush post is way better than an email.