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Letterpress - The Final Week!

Ahhhh I am so sad that the letterpress course is over. It has been such a good 6 weeks. 3 hours a week in the basement studio playing with type has been such a lovely and peaceful escape from the everyday business of my life right now. So for my last session I became a bit of a machine and printed loads of Christmas cards. I am really chuffed with how they came out. Usually I am not a fan of sending Christmas cards but this year I am really excited about it. I can't tell you how satisfying it is when you pull the roller across and you don't know how the print is going to come out (trust me there was a lot of variety!) and the ace feeling when it looks really good. I think the thing I have learn't most about this process is that in a discipline like this, where you are working with your hands -  things just often don't work out how you expect, but that has been amazing. The chance to play and it be ok if you make mistake...but also the happy accidents. That is something that I don't really get to do much even though my job is creative, because there are always really tight deadlines. The other things I played around with was thermography powder. You put it on wet ink, blow it with a hot air gun and it raises and goes all glossy. It turned out really cool. Anyway if after all my wittering about letterpress you fancy doing a course I couldn't recommend it enough. Check out St Brides Foundation for more info. (sorry the photos are not great quality. was quickly snapping on my phone while I was covered in ink...I even got in on my face. classic)