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Liz Mosley by Samee Lapham

I thought I would do a little post today with a bit of a catch up on how things have been going. Since February I have been working 4 days a week at my job and then one day a week (and some evenings and weekends), I have been focusing on my own freelance work and my shop. It has been great and I have enjoyed it so much. I have been managing to juggle my job, the blog, the shop and freelance pretty well. I have been getting enquiries and jobs from new clients and it really feels like my business has been growing. 

Anyway part of the deal with me working 4 days at my job, was that over the summer when things get busy at work I would go back to 5 days, so that is what will be happening for the next 3 months. I have decided to try and be realistic about what this is going to mean and as a result I have decided to go down to posting two times a week instead of three. This will start from next week, and I will probably post on Tuesdays and Fridays. Then in October I plan to go back to posting 3 days a week again. 

I would love to get some feedback from you my lovely readers about what you like and what you don't on this blog, because although I blog because I love it and find it a great creative outlet, let's be honest I am hoping that people are reading and enjoying what I post. I think in the next couple of weeks I will put together a little bit of a survey, which should hopefully help me think about my content and how to develop and grow my little business over the summer. 

I am also planning to start a newsletter which will include discount codes for the shop and extra content and free downloads that are not available to anybody else. This probably won't start until October but I have put a sign up box in the right-hand menu of this blog, so if you are interested feel free to sign up now so that you are all ready for some inbox fun in the autumn!  

Ok I have waffled on long enough - I just wanted to end by sharing a little summer discount code for the shop. If you use the code SUMMERSUN you will get 15% off everything in the shop for the next two weeks. If there is something you have had your eye on now is the time to nab it! 

Hope you are looking after yourselves in this mini heatwave and have a lovely Wednesday! 

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(photo by Samee Lapham

This Month // May

The month of May is always a good one for me, the weather is usually getting better, there are sometimes holidays on the horizon and it's my birthday month! NM teases me that I usually make my birthday celebrations stretch out for a whole month but I think this year that is legitimate what with turning 30 and all! Here is a bit of what I have been up to:


1. I did a little lino printing workshop with the lovely Olu and the Making Uncovered event. It was really fun and inspired me to get some new linocutting tools and get experimenting again. 

2. I launched the Father's Day cards in the shop - there are 4 different designs for you to get your mitts on. You can see them all here. The shop will be closed for the first two weeks in June but there is time this week to get your order in, or there will still be time to get them in time when it opens again. 


3. I did the biggest giveaway I have ever done on my blog to celebrate my birthday and it is still on now! If you haven't entered already you really should, there are so many stationery treats to win AND an etsy gift card. 

4. I spent a bit of time this month reflecting on what I have learnt over the last 30 years and I shared some of this on the blog on Monday. It was an interesting post to think about and put together. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.08.02.png

5. We did a flying trip to Cardiff to visit family for my birthday. There is this one park that I always love going to and the flowers were out in all their colourful glory! It was pretty impressive to be honest. Flowers and nature always make me happy. So much beauty!

6. I know I have mentioned this quite a bit here but the highlight of this month was the launch of Calder and Byrne. I have loved working with Siobhan on some products for the shop that she launched at the beginning of May. I was so excited to be involved. 

Anyway that is all for this month. On Monday we go to New York for a few days so am looking forward to putting some posts together about that. 

Another quick reminder, there is still time for you to enter my birthday giveaway! It closes at midnight on Thursday so not long to go - get over there quick! 

Hope you all enjoyed your May bank holiday and are having a lovely Wednesday! 

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This Month // April

This month has had a lot of fun things going on and some fun little trips. I have found it inspiring to explore new places and get out of London a couple of times and also we have eaten sooo well this month with lots of meals out due to NM's birthday and our wedding anniversary (we are living off baked beans on toast for now!). Anyway here are a few things that I have been up to:


1.  I went to Brighton for the day to visit one of my all time fave friends. Was good to get out of London and have a little creative field trip. 

2. I worked on some prints for the ace new shop Calder & Byrne which will be launching very soon! So excited to be involved and I have had a sneak peak, they are going to be selling some lovely stuff (more about that next week!). 


3. A birthday lunch with some total faves of ours. This Spanish dish was amazing! 

4. London has pretty much totally exploded into spring and is full of blossom! I have been walking A LOT this month and have been taking it all in and loving it!


5. We went to Bristol to celebrate our second wedding anniversary! It was such a lovely weekend and we ate in some amazing places - all of which I will be sharing on the blog next week. 

6. Very excitingly I went to a workshop at Pinterest's offices in London. It was great to learn in a bit more depth how I can make the most of Pinterest and use it as a tool for my business - also a yummy breakfast was involved! Winner.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! I can't believe that April is nearly over but May is going to be a fun month so I am looking forward to it!

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No man or woman is a creative island

A little while ago I wrote a post about tips to keep the creative juices flowing. It was helpful to write them down and have them to hand for next time I get in a creative rut, but my friend Lois pointed out that I had missed off a key tip - spending time with creative friends. Such a good point! To be honest I can't believe I forgot it...but since I think it is so important I decided to give this tip its own blog post! 

Having creative friends and people who understand what you do has been so important to me in my creative journey. I think one of my favourite things is when you meet someone who just seems to totally be on your creative wavelength and you just click and you can’t help it but share ideas and get excited about what each other is working on. Having friends to bounce ideas off and get feedback is such a helpful tool when it comes to running a small creative business - especially if they are in a similar boat. 

I have been lucky that I have had some great creative friends that I've had since my art foundation course and from university. Sadly we don’t all live in the same place now but I know they are just a call or an email away and it is always great having their support and wisdom. More recently I have been making friends with fellow creative's based in London through the amazing worlds of Instagram and Twitter. I honestly can’t even tell you what an encouragement this has been to me.

To be honest about a year ago I was a bit unsure about meeting up with people who I knew online but not in real life - but about this time last year I went for dinner with the lovely Bianca and Samee and the rest as they say is history. More recently I have met up with Teri and Siobhan - just thought I would mention them too as they are both so darn lovely. Chatting to all these girls has been so inspiring and helpful! 

So if you are shy and have been holding back from making and meeting internet friends for whatever reason but have been thinking about it can I encourage you to just go for it! Yes it can be a bit scary at first but in my experience it has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the wonderful online communities that are Twitter and Instagram. 

Hope you are have a lovely Monday! 

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This Month // February

These monthly posts are going to replace my 'currently' posts. It is still going to be about what I am up to and what is going on, I guess a little round up of the month. February has been a good month. We went through a busy spell at the end of January but February has been more chilled and refreshing. I have been working hard but have also made time to stop and have fun. 

1. I went down to 4 days a week at work. This has been an amazing experience and it is just a huge gift to have a whole day all to myself to work on my personal projects, the shop and this blog. I am trying to develop good habits and get into a good routine to make sure I make the most out of that day. 

2. I had a few busy days painting and making cards. I am still getting my wholesale catalogue up to date but am excited about sending it out in the next couple of weeks. Below you can see a couple of new ones which I have just put up in the shop.


3. We spent a long weekend in Corfe Castle in Dorset with friends and family and it was just really lovely and refreshing. Walks outdoors and seeing the sea are always so good for me and I always find visiting new places and getting out of my normal routine inspiring and good for getting the creative juices flowing. 


4. I have been reading these two books and loving them both. You can read my review on Manage your day-to-day here. 


5. I have been working on a new website for the lovely folk at Bias Boutique. If you have not checked out this cute shop in Peckham you really should. Keep an eye out for the new website! Sally who runs the shop has amazing taste and every time I go in I discover new and interesting products. This is a shot I took in the shop a few weeks ago to go on the website - I never wear yellow but that yellow jumper that you can see popping out was amazing.

Visiting Venice

You may have worked out from my Instagram or this blog post, that NM and I went for a week's holiday in Venice. I thought I would do a little post about our time there in case anybody is planning a trip and wants some tips and advice. 

We decided for this trip to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel. Partly because hotels in Venice are pretty expensive and partly because we love food and we wanted to be able to buy and cook our own food from the local markets. We booked an apartment from this place - it was small but very central, perfect for two people and just what we wanted. 

We are total food lovers, so when we travel food plays a big part in our plans and what we do! It can be hard to find good restaurants in Venice as there are just so many geared up for tourists that don't serve anything very special or that appetising. Our general rule was if they had photographs of the food in the windows we would give it a miss. We were lucky to have a few restaurant recommendations from friends which served us well, and I would definitely recommend doing a bit of research about places to eat. The other thing we discovered early in the week was Cicchetti which is basically an Italian form of tapas. It's common for Italians to head to their favourite Bacari for Cicchetti and a glass of wine or prosecco throughout the day. When we discovered it we realised this was much more our sort of vibe rather than fancy meals out, so we would plan our days around various Cicchetti stops and on the last day decided to do a Cicchetti crawl where we visited a few great Bacari's that we had seen throughout the week. 

Here are a few of our favourite places that served Cicchetti: Cantine del vino gia schiavi, Osteria Al Squero, Al Bocon Divino, Do Spade

Some restaurants we liked were: Osteria alla Frasca, Taverna Al Remer,

The other thing we did in Venice was head to the Rialto market (which opens in the mornings) and bought fresh ingredients to make our own dinner. We got some fantastic sardines and king prawns and made a really lovely pasta dish. The seafood in Venice really is pretty spectacular, and so if you enjoy cooking and are staying in an apartment with a kitchen I would totally recommend this! 

Also GELATO - eat it, lots of is amazing. (especially the pistachio flavour) - We went to: Gelateria Nico

Travelling around
On our way to Venice we were debating on whether we should buy a week's Vaparetto pass (it works out cheaper than buying a ticket each day or for each trip) - but we decided not to in the end and I'm so glad we did. Because our apartment was pretty central in the San Marco sestiere (district) we were able to easily walk to all of the 6 different districts to explore them each day. We found that we had no need to take the Vaparetto. Going everywhere on foot ended up saving us quite a bit of money. We did get a Vaparetto pass for one day and that was to go to the islands further out to the North, called Murano and Burano. It was totally worth a day trip as they are absolutely stunning islands - especially Burano which is very small but full of brightly coloured houses. 


I would definitely recommend getting the Vaparetto for at least one of the days you are there because it is nice to see the city from the Grand Canal - even though the boats are often very crowded.

I am hoping that all the walking we did cancelled out all the eating and drinking we did. We did find we had to make stops to just sit and watch the world go by because if we walked for too long we both got tired and grumpy. ha. 

Things to do
There are lots of things to do in Venice and to be honest we didn't really do any of them. We needed a chilled week and so we decided to do Venice our way. This consisted mostly of walking around and exploring the different districts, stopping off for food and drinks when we wanted and just generally taking it easy. As I mentioned above we did go to Burano and Murano one day which was really fun. Venice is SO touristy. It kind of bothered me a lot at the beginning (even though I know, I know, I was one of the tourists) - I think because Venice is not that big the concentration of tourists is just way more intense, and everywhere you go there are people speaking different languages and taking pictures of themselves with selfie sticks. As the week went on I was more chilled about it and just embraced it though. We would often try and go off the beaten track to area's that were more residential, a lot quieter and a lot less touristy. We went to two art galleries when we were there. The Peggy Guggenheim and also the Ca'Pesaro where they had an exhibition of modern art called 'Rauchenberg to Jeff Koons'. I loved this exhibition, partly because it was full of artists that I love, but also the building was spectacular and there weren't loads of people there. I would recommend the Peggy Guggenheim too but it was much busier so it was harder to really appreciate the works of art. 

We decided not to go on a Gondola ride while we there...some people have their hearts set on it, and if that is you, I would say go for it. I enjoyed watching them go by - those Gondola men have some serious skills navigating the canals but yeah actually getting on one didn't appeal. 

There are lots of shops selling leather made goods, glass goods, Venetian masks and things like that, and also much to my delight stationery shops selling absolutely stunning hand printed papers and things made out of those hand printed papers. haha - I am such a geek but these are the shops that got me really excited. I spent all week going into them and then at the end of the week found a shop that had a beautiful range of handprinted and machine printed paper, so I treated myself to 6 sheets. 

Venice is a truly magical city. It is just like you have seen in the films - there is a stunning view around every corner and it is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is the most touristy place I have ever been to too, but I loved exploring this city. Lots of people were surprised when we said we were going for a week, and on reflection I can see why, you could totally get a sense of what Venice is like in a few days, but we took things at a slow pace and wandered around in the sunshine and had a really lovely relaxing time. If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask in the comments below...I might not know the answer but will do my best to help! 

Currently... (in Venice)


I have been meaning to do another one of these currently posts for ages and I thought since I was on holiday in Venice and having a bit of down time (in between wandering the streets and eating) I would do a post from here...this is what is going on: 

taking: loads of photos. Venice is just stunning and around every corner is a beautiful canal/building/scene to be photographed. Also Burano = most colourful place I have ever been - I think it will need a blog post all of its own. 

Cooking: King prawns and other treats that we brought from the Rialto market. SO MUCH fresh seafood it was amazing.

Watching: Series 4 of Damages. It has been so fun to watch a box set together. 

Reading: The Watcher in the Shadows by Carlos Zafon. I couldn't put it down and it was scary - then I found out it's a kids book. haha. Anyway I would totally recommend it. I bought it at the airport on NM's recommendation and devoured it within a few days of holiday...going to check out some of his other books. 

Wearing: Warm clothes...but not needing a coat. Am fearing the winter coat will need to come out when we get back to London. 

Noticing: that we are doing A LOT of walking and hoping that this might cancel out all the eating and drinking we are doing.  Ever heard of Cicchetti? If you are ever in Venice make it your business to find out about it and sample the delights!

Thinking: I really need to eat less bread!

Grateful: For this holiday and just having some space to chill and think - the last few weeks and months have been pretty mental and this is the recharge I think we both needed to get us through to Christmas!

Starting: to design more greetings cards in my a few more ideas for christmas cards and even started thinking about some valentines ones - hoping to have the latest batch up in the shop next week

Obsessed: with the paper shops in Venice. So many sheets of beautiful marbled and handprinted paper, and so many notebooks.  

Enjoying: watching lots of Japanese tourists photographing themselves all over Venice with selfie sticks! Ha. 

Dreaming: about growing my little etsy business that I have started. A few exciting things have been coming up recently that I have been motivating me to keep going and keep working hard at it. 


Well I am back. I have had a little break (well quite a long one actually) from the blog and now I am back with a newly designed website/blog and am about to launch my etsy shop any day now. I have been working hard making, photographing and listing - honestly. Anyway I thought since I had disappeared for a while i would catch up with a 'currently' post and then get back into regular posting from now on. So here we go...

Making: greetings cards. Only done a few so far but am really enjoying creating my own designs

Cooking: Fish Taco's!!! We had these when we were in Hawaii and now we have a little recipe of our own and they are yummy. 

Watching: Damages...someone lent us the box set and NM and I are getting seriously addicted. Its a bit gory in places though and some of my dreams have been a bit weird as a result!

Reading: Life has been so busy recently I am reading pretty slowly - still on 'One thousand gifts' by Ann Voskamp - but still loving it and still loving the tag line. I would like to make it into a print actually as a reminder! 'A dare to live fully right where you are'.

Wearing: Still managing to go out without a coat but there is definitely an autumnal feel in the air. I think it will be time for boots and scarfs soon. 

Noticing: that we are in a weird phase of life right now where everything seems to be changing. Well not for us so much but for a lot of people around us. Its a little unsettling, but exciting too! 

Thinking: about work work work and more work. Seriously my brain is rammed packed...every day I feel like things are just dropping out of there...but am thankful for my notebook and a good list

Grateful: for weekend lie in's...seriously don't think I could get through the week without that chance to catch up on some extra zzz's 

Starting: to look forward to Christmas...I know everyone is going to be horrified...but I LOVE Christmas! 

Obsessed: Still with avocado's - I can't get enough of those bad boys...and not sick of them yet.

Looking: forward to getting stuck in the etsy shop. I know I keep going on about it but it really is going to launch very soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

Wishing: every now and then that I was lying in the field pictured above watching the clouds with not a care in the world. Life is pretty good though...but I guess a little more cloud gazing would be nice.

Enjoying: baby cuddles, sooo nice to have them and then be able to give baby back! 

Dreaming: about romantic strolls in Venice next month with NM


I have spotted quite a few people doing these sort of lists on blogs all around the place and it seems like such a great way of giving a little snap shot of life at that moment and also documenting it. Anyway I thought I would give it a go and see how it went. If I get into it maybe I will make it a regular feature or maybe it will get a bit boring...but hey I like trying new things!

Making: lots of prints to sell in my new etsy shop. So excited to hopefully launch it in Sept. Still so much work to do

Cooking: things with our own home grown courgettes! We picked our first ones the other day and looking forward to sampling them this evening with dinner

Watching: lots of things on Amazon prime instant video - usually in the middle of the night when I can't sleep due to coughing fits. (looks like I might have whooping cough!)

Reading: The most wonderful book given to me by a friend for my birthday. Its called 'One thousand gifts' by Ann Voskamp - and the tag line which I love is 'A dare to live fully right where you are' - I need to learn that for sure.

Wearing: A couple of new clothes that I got for our holiday next week (woohoo!)

Noticing: that we are living a better pace of life these days. We still have a lot of work to do to get the right balance but have been feeling very happy and content the last few months.

Thinking: about ways that we can be better with our money. Trying to get into better habit of spending less.

Grateful: for a husband who looks after me so well when I am sick!

Starting: to take on some more freelance jobs after a break earlier this year. If you have any design needs and fancy working with me - let me know!

Obsessed: with avocado's - seriously can't get enough of them.

Looking: for the perfect black maxi dress. Haven't found it yet but the hunt is on. I want to really simplify my wardrobe this year and have lots of simple and classic pieces that will last a long time.

Wanting: to meet a new little man that has just arrived into the world. Even though I haven't met him yet I love him already!

Enjoying: gardening. Seriously never thought I would say that, but there is something so satisfying and exciting seeing something you have planted grow.

Loving: the fact that I will be seeing lots of family that I don't get to see very often soon.

Dreaming: about having my feet in the sand and swimming in the sea in a couple of weeks time.

My Year // April

April was a good month. Time with family and friends. A good break from work. Anniversary celebrations and finishing some big projects. I am excited about having a bit more space to work on my etsy shop over the coming months. A couple of these pics show some playing around I have done on that front. Bring on May - May is my favourite month!

Check out January, February and March.

Bolivia - 10 years later

About 10 years ago I spent 4 months in Bolivia and totally fell in love with the country. I have been dreaming recently about going back. I have been having a bit of  a sort out of old photos recently and stumbled upon these from my trip. 10 years on and I thought I would share them. They are making me even more desperate to get back to this beautiful place. I would love to be able to take NM to some of the places that I visited. I met some incredible people while I was there who I have sadly lost touch with. At the time when I was travelling I didn't have a digital camera (that is shocking to me now...I can't imagine life without a camera constantly in my pocket) - and so I used a good old pretty cheap film camera. (I wanted something that I wouldn't mind if I lost or broke and would be easy to replace) - and looking at these photos makes me think I miss shooting with film a bit. The excitement of getting the pictures developed, it was all a bit unknown...what would come back? I also really love the look of them. There is something so beautifully grainy and imperfect about these shots. I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my world of ten years ago. (I might have to do another post as these are a small portion of the images)

looking back at 2013
2013 review
2013 review

I thought I would do a little recap of 2013 using my instragram photos. It was hard to whittle it down...and it is funny to see which months were more eventful than others. Its kind of amazing to look back and realise all the amazing things that happened in 2013 - we really had a very amazing and blessed year. We got married, went to Sicily, an adventure to Hawaii, canoing on the River Wye, lots of good times in London and making and eating lots of yummy food! Looking back is getting me really exciting for the adventures in 2014.

new year
new year

Happy New Year!

WOW what a year 2013 was. I do love the new year because I usually feel lots of hope and excitement about the year ahead. It feels so full of opportunity. I haven't really set any new years resolutions this year. I decided to give myself a break and just see what happens. One thing that is on my mind and I want to be a little bit of a motto for this year is to think about consuming less and creating more. We live in a society that is all about consumption these days. I had a really great first few days of 2014 creating things. On new years day NM made an amazing loaf of wholemeal bread and I designed and made some birthday cards to use this year. I finally found some time to start the coding course I have been wanting to tackle for ages. When having a bit of a clear up of the house I found some bright red wool and decided to knit myself a new scarf. I have been loving having something to do with my hands while watching tv. I found an amazing cookie recipe and made a batch to take over to a friends for dinner, and I started a new notebook (bottom right with alphabet on it) that my lovely friend Emily gave me and am already filling it with ideas and things I want to do...exciting! So yeah...the first 6 days of 2014 have been pretty creative and I have been loving it.

I have also set myself a little photography challenge. To try and get me to be a bit more observant and creative about what is going on around me I am going to try and take a photo everyday and post it to instagram  for the whole year. I am also going to to them all black and white. You can follow along at #mosley365 if you fancy it and follow me here. Above are the first 6 days.

That is all for hoping to get back into more regular posting soon.

20 facts about me

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Bianca tagged me to share 20 facts about myself on instragram. I thought I would post them up here too. Lets all get to know each other better.

1. I am half Colombian, and whenever I visit I feel like why I am the way I am makes a little more sense.

2. I married my best friend and now he makes me dinner every evening. WIN.

3. My sister and I are 9 years apart in age but I feel like we should have been twins.

4. My favourite time of year is Christmas with my family.

5. I love Jesus big time, and that influences all of my decisions (hopefully!)

6. I spent 4 months in Bolivia doing construction work

7. Flowers make me very happy - especially the roses that grow in my garden.

8. I was born in Cardiff, Wales

9. I don't like tea or coffee (much to many peoples disgust)

10. I didn't have any piercings at all and then 2 years ago I got my nose peirced

11. I am 28

12. My nose wiggles when I talk

13. I work in London as a Graphic Designer

14. I love to travel and explore new places. On my wishlist right now are Iceland, Autralia, New Zealand and Croatia.

15. I love having creative and inspiring friends

16. I talk a lot in my sleep - apparently it is mostly gibberish.

17. I like the feel of paper and can often be found stroking nice paper

18. I support Arsenal but mainly just to wind up my husband who is a Tottenham fan.

19. I have a fairly serious West Wing addiction but my current favourite show is Suits

20. My favourite meal is Brunch. Preferably with my husband or friends on a lazy weekend.

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Give thanks

I saw this illustration by Ana Victoria Calderon the other day and I love it - it was such a good reminder to give thanks. I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in the things I want and the things that I want to do...and the people all over the place that I compare myself to that I forget to just stop - stand still for a minute and just give thanks for all the incredible blessings that I do have! Here are some of the things that I am thankful for at the moment.

1. A husband who makes me yummy food, looks after me and is pretty awesome

2. A cute house full of potential to make a lovely home

3. An incredible family who I want to hang out with all the time

4. A job with totally awesome colleagues

5. Creative friends who inspire me

6. Friends who speak truth into my life

7. That I get to live in London with so many cool things to do

8. An amazing church family who love and support me

9. Lots of creative ideas and daydreams

10. Jesus (he is obvs number 1)

so making that list has made me realise that what I am MOST thankful for are the people in my life. The other things are awesome too but the people really make life good. Thank you God for all the amazing blessings you have given me - let me never take anything for granted!

Life recently
my life recently in pics

We are back! back in the real world! Sorry for the silence on the blog for the last month. Life has been full of exciting new things and adventures. We got married (the day was perfect!) we went on honeymoon (I love Sicily) we tried to organise the house a bit with our combined stuff and now we are back at work and getting used to being Mr and Mrs. Busy times. Here is a little round up of photos from my phone of the last few weeks (notice there are a lot of food pics!). I have got so many posts that I have been dying to do about the wedding, and posts about the honeymoon so expect more regular posting from now! hopefully you won't get bored! Have been missing the blogging so am really looking forward to getting back into it! Hope you all have great weekends! x


The other night was another reminder of how different NM and I really are - and how our brains just work in such different ways. NM was really keen to make a list of all the things we still needed to do before the wedding. To be honest I don't think I have been that great at communicating to others in particular NM all the different ideas and plans I have been holding in my head. So we started a very detailed and extensive list in EXEL (bllleeuuurrgghh - I am so not an excel kind of girl) - NM was loving it, and assigning each of us tasks so that we could then filter them later...and I will be totally honest I thought my brain was going to explode. It totally stressed me out. I hated it. I want to scribble down a list on a bit if scrap paper...that I would then have carried around with me and very satisfyingly crossed off things as they were done. I guess this is going to be one of the ongoing challenges of being married...learning to live life with someone who is totally different from you and needs to do things in different ways. I wasn't very friendly that night about the excel list and I guess that what I need to learn is that although we weren't doing things in a way I like to work - it was helping NM - a lot - and I guess helping NM is going to be a pretty major job of mine as a I probably should start practicing in the small things.

The next day I printed out the list and have started doodling all over it and cross things out with a big fat scribble when they are done!

I guess one of the amazing things about hanging out with someone so different to me is that I am learning a lot more about me - and noticing things that I just would not have noticed before. Some good things but also a lot of bad things that could really do with changing. I hope being married to NM really changes me for the better...but also that it will be a safe place for me to flourish as me...and develop and grow in all the good ways too. If anyone has any relationship wisdom they would like to share feel free to comment below!

I wish this picture was representative of what the weather is like at the moment - but its not. It is trying to snow AGAIN! *sigh*

Sometimes Love isn't Firecrackers

Last week we sent out our wedding invites. I was so nervous about them and was feeling the pressure but I am really happy with how they turned out (will post pics at some point). On the back we had this quote by Janette Oke. I really love it. I think it means a lot to me because it pretty much sums up how our relationship started. I was so unsure about NM at the beginning, in fact for a long time, but I took a risk (and he took an even bigger one!) and I am so so happy that I did. love doesn't always have to be like it tells you it should be in the films. I like the way our love grew. I hope it is going to stand us in good stead for it lasting a long long time.

Anyway I thought this quote would make a great poster for the weekly project.

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Get more sleep

So another one of my resolutions this year is to get more sleep. I really think it will make a difference to my life. Unfortunately it is something that I have never been good at. When it comes to going to bed I am the queen of FAFF. I am masterful at it. Anyway my mission this year is to get more sleep. I thought this week I would do a little poster to remind myself. So my aim is to get 8 hours each night. I think at the moment I am probably averaging 6.5-7 which is not ideal. Once I am married - I don't think NM will let me get away with my faffing ways so maybe that will help. Who knows. Am loving this woodblock type font. My lovely brother bought it for me for Christmas. It has a rude name.