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Old Faithful Co & The Goodwash Company

Since moving to Cardiff I have been loving getting to know other small businesses in the area, and meeting up with them and hearing about what they are up to has been so inspiring and encouraging.

Today I am so excited that I am collaborating with two of the businesses that I got to know recently and I am running an awesome giveaway on my Instagram account of their gorgeous products. If you head over to my Instagram you can find out how to enter but I wanted to go into a bit more detail here about what products are up for grabs and what I love about them.


All of the products (yes even the soy wax candle can be used on skin after its been melted and then cooled slightly) are skin care products because I have to be honest I have slightly neglected my skin over the summer. So this is a bit of an autumn/winter skincare care package and has all sorts of goodies to make your skin feel great again.

The first company I would like to introduce you to is Old Faithful Co.  They create really lovely unisex products that have been really thought through. The thing I really love about all of the products are the scents. I do like floral scents but often products aimed at women I find too sickly sweet and intense. The Old Faithful Co products have really interesting smells and a lot of them are very earthy and woody and combine incredible quality organic oils. Having chatted to Gareth about his products I can assure you he is so passionate about the quality of the ingredients he uses and goes out of his way to source and find the best. This is so reassuring especially at a time when people including me are becoming so much more aware of what they put on their skin and what ingredients are actually good for us and which are not (except after talking to Gareth I realise I still have so much to learn!).


One of their products that I have always wanted to try and have since fallen in love with is the makers balm. I sometimes get really dry and cracked skin on my hands in winter and I am pretty sure that this is going to do wonders in helping with that. The consistency makes it feel really lovely on the skin but it also feels extra healing and moisturising. I had some dry skin on my hand where I had burnt myself and it made it feel better and softer really quickly. I love that it was designed with makers in mind, and was formulated to start off with for a ceramicist who was really struggling with dry skin on her hands. If you work with your hands you are going to love this balm but really it is great for anyone who suffers with dry skin on their hands.


 Next up we have the Reunion Cleanser. I have been terrible at getting into the habit of using a cleanser in the past but I think this has converted me. I couldn’t believe how good my skin felt after using just once (seriously so silky smooth) and so I am excited to see the effective it has after using it every day for a while. I love the process of massaging the cleanser into my face and then placing a hot flannel on my face to steam it. It really felt so good. As with all the scents from Old Faithful Co it was not too overpowering and smelt earthy and subtle but luxurious at the same time.


And finally there is the Hammam Moisturising Serum. I really enjoyed using this. It has a really woody peppery smell which is lovely and unisex (men this one is great to use after shaving). I was worried it would feel too oily on my face but that wasn’t the case at all. The process of gently massaging it into my skin was great and made it feel really soft and supple straight away. It feels really restorative and absorbs quickly so you aren’t left feeling like you have any heavy product on your skin. I am definitely going to start using this as a regular moisturiser for my skin.


Now lets move onto The Goodwash Company. These guys are all about luxury products that feel great to use but also that DO good. They are a social enterprise and so 100% of their profit goes towards supporting local projects that improve the lives of people and animals. All of their products are cruelty free and are sourced from the finest natural ingredients. (same with Old Faithful Co). Its so reassuring as we all try and take care of skin but also care for the environment and world that we live in more.


This hand wash and lotion both have a beautiful floral smell but that is quite subtle and not too overpowering. They feel really nice and light and refreshing on the skin. As a designer I always care about the packaging too and I really love the simple monochrome labels on these and think they would really add a touch of luxury to your bathroom or kitchen. They both felt really good to use and I like things that make every day tasks like washing your hands feel a little more luxury. Its such a simple little treat for the hands.


And finally is this candle. It comes in a beautiful glass jar and then packaged in a really beautiful little bag. All the details have been thought about - even the matches. Mandy who runs The Goodwash Company mentioned that even this candle could be used to moisturise your skin because it is made with 100% natural oils, and I have to be honest I was a little sceptical. but When I first burnt it I though I decided I would give it a go. I blew the candle out, let the wax cool slightly and then just scooped a bit out and rubbed it on my hands and I have to admit I was so pleasantly surprised. I don’t think I would have ever have thought to try this (and I guess probably best not to try with any old candle) but the wax on my hands actually felt incredible - the texture was rich and nourishing and my hands felt amazing and so soft afterwards. It was also a really lovely fresh smell which I enjoyed being able to smell on my hands for hours afterwards!

So there you have it - all of the products that you can win in this giveaway. Having met the people who run both of these brands I can’t recommend them both to you enough. They both have gorgeous packaging, incredibly luxury and quality ingredients and are just something a bit different from what you might normally buy. I love that they care about the environment and being cruelty free and using all of their products felt like a little bit of spa luxury at home - and I am definitely going to make sure over Autumn and Winter I take much better care of my skin using these products.

If you have any questions about any of them feel free to get in touch and don’t forget to enter the giveaway HERE.