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Moodboard Monday

A bit of inspiration for a Monday morning. These Monday mornings in January can be a bit tough but I'm trying to keep myself inspired and motivated to start the year well. I seem to have been going through a bit of a pink phase with some of my recent designs (which is strange as I am not a very pink person) - so I have decided to run with it and create a bit of a pink moodboard. I probably need to give my black and white moodboards a bit of a rest for a while. 

I did a bit of painting at the weekend too and hand inked 'moodboard monday' to go on all these moodboards. 

I hope you are all having a good start to the week. 

Here are the sources - clockwise from top left 

Awesome Print by Studio Meez
Pretty blush wall
Blush pink converse
Roses - I can't find the source of this image


Moodboard Monday

I am totally digging black and white right now. I have set myself a little black and white instagram challenge for the year and on pinterest I have noticed that I have been drawn so much to black and white images recently. I decided to make a specifically black and white pinterest board. That is where all these images are from. You can check it out here and see where they are all from.

(this moodboard also has a hint of valentines day about it. Are you into valentines day? I am a bit anti to be honest...lets show the love all year round!)