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Ethical Brands - Tilly + Cub

Last month I shared about Neals Yard Remedies to kick off my ongoing series sharing ethical brands that I love and think others might be interested in. This month we have something totally different - let me introduce to you Tilly + Cub

I first stumbled across Tilly + Cub on instagram when I discovered their absolutely stunning Moses baskets. We borrowed a Moses basket when Reuben was born which has now been returned, but seeing these made me want to have another kid, so that I had an excuse to get one of these beauties! My favourite of course, is the super simple and plain style with the black handles but if you're more of a colour lover there is such a gorgeous range to choose from. 

Anyway, having another baby just to buy a Moses basket is definitely a bit extreme - but lucky for me they do other beautiful baskets that can be used around the home. Jo very kindly sent me this absolutely stunning mama poppins basket. What I love about this basket is that it is so versatile, functional but also looks beautiful incorporated into your room decor. I really struggled to decide what to use it for to be honest, as there are so many potentials (maybe I need one for each room!) - but I decided to go for filling it with some lovely items for guests when they come to stay. I will keep it in the guest room stocked up with blankets, nice books, a candle and some pampering goodies. 


Our house is a total mess at the moment as it is being decorated, but I am so happy to have beautiful items like this basket which I know are going to add the perfect details to rooms when they are decorated. 

Also, since receiving this basket I am pretty much set on getting the mini basket to match for Reuben to use for collecting things, or storing his treasures. I also think the mama poppins baskets would be great for storing toys in a play room to keep things neat and tidy.


Now I should probably get onto the ethical side of things since that is what the series is really all about. All of the baskets are fairly traded. If you're not aware of what fair trade means for the maker - well, companies have to reach a very particular set of criteria in order to be classed as fair trade. This means that the workers are treated well and work in good conditions. A lot of it is things that we take for granted, but they get a fair wage, toilet breaks, help and support with education for their children and are able to support themselves and their families.

Tilly + Cub are also committed to giving 5% of their sales to charity and they support five different charities at the moment (they keep the list of charities updated here) - Afrikids, Sands, Tommys, Pregnancy Sickness Support and Pandas UK.


The baskets are hand woven in Ghana, Africa using Elephant grass. The brightly coloured baskets are dyed using plant based and non-toxic dyes to give them their colour and beautiful patterns. And the lovely thing about them being hand made is that each one is unique and you can find a really special item for your home. 

Although I like the look of the brightly coloured baskets, I really love this natural one I have with the black handle. It is just simple and classic and will go with everything. Hopefully when our house is looking a bit more photogenic I will share some photos of it in situ doing its job of making our guests feel welcome and loved. 

If you had (or have) a mama poppins basket what would you use it for? I would love to know!