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Moodboard Monday // My Wardrobe

A few weeks ago I read this post about the perfect wardrobe by Madelynn Furlong recently, and it inspired me. My wardrobe has always been a jumble. Full of all different styles, colours and prints, things that don't fit any more, things that look tired and faded but that I can't throw away. I have realised recently that I get emotionally attached to clothing because they remind me of a particular time time of my life. Often I don't even like them or fit in to them anymore. Although I don't think there is anything wrong with having a wardrobe that is full of a variety of styles I feel like as I grow up I DO want to refine my style. Recently I have been so motivated for a big spring clean of my wardrobe and I have already taken a lot to the charity shop...but I thought as I think about buying some new items to replace old worn and falling apart clothing it would be interesting to be a bit more intentional and careful about what I buy. Here is my mood board of where I would like to see my wardrobe going.


From these pictures I am realising that I want it to be mainly neutrals and simple colours. Black, White, Denim, Brown, Grey and Navy and white stripes, and then adding a pop of colour with accessories, bright blue shoes for example, or bright red lips/nails, or a brightly coloured clutch. My wardrobe used to full of so much colour, and don't get me wrong I love colour, but I really feel like this is where I want my style to be going. I want simpler, classic. Skinny Jeans, jumpers, t-shirts and loafers will be the staples of the wardrobe with the odd smart blouse and heals to dress it up every now and then.

It is quite interesting to think about my wardrobe in this way - a bit more thought out and planned. To see where I found all the images above check out my style board on pinterest.