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Things I am loving on Etsy - Nursery edition

I think I have mentioned it before but we have been re-jigging and painting the rooms upstairs in our house to make room for the baby. We have done some serious de-cluttering and so far I am really happy with our choices and how things are coming together.  The thing that is really missing though is artwork for the nursery walls! So obviously I got lost in the rabbit hole of Etsy looking for some. I was a bit disheartened when I first started looking - I searched for nursery prints and there was just so so much stuff that wasn't my style (and depressing when you find things that are blatant rip-offs of your friends work!). I guess there is so much on Etsy now, that you have to trawl through quite a lot to find the gems. BUT I persevered and forgot about looking at things that were specifically for a nursery and just found illustrators I liked. I REALLY love the prints I found below and think all of them would look great in a nursery (or anywhere in the house to be honest). Now to decide which ones to get! 

1. Plantas Prints - by Depeapa


You know what, I think this bird alphabet by illustrator Sarah Abbott might be the winner. I have admired this print for ages but had forgotten about it - I think it would look perfect on the nursery wall! 

What do you think about these prints? Do you have any other favourites you have found?

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