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The studio book of alphabets

The in-house studio that I work in has been going for a really long time and it originally started as a cartographic unit in the geography department. As a result when we are having a bit of a clear out in the studio we often stumble across lots of lovely old school treats. I have found so many lovely maps over the years, some of which I have kept to put up on my walls and some of which I've made into envelopes in my shop

Anyway we were recently having a sort out and I stumbled across this lovely little book called 'The studio book of alphabets' - and being a design geek and a lover of typography I was pretty excited about it. It was first published in 1953 and the aim of the book (as stated in the introduction) was to 'provide a useful collection of well-designed alphabets, each in its entirety.' 

I took a few photos of the book and included some of the beautiful and lovely typefaces that are my favourites. I am going to treasure this book...such a lovely little find. 

Happy Friday type nerds!