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Family Shoot with Siobhan Calder

A couple of weeks before we left London for Cardiff we decided to get some family photos taken by Siobhan and I can't tell you how happy I am that we did it. I think I had always been put off from doing it in the past because in my head It always felt like quite a lot of money to spend and I didn't feel like I could really justify it. Siobhan and I actually did a skills swap for this photoshoot so although no money changed hands - having now done the photoshoot I have definitely come around to thinking that it is worth the money! 

Since Reuben was born we have taken absolutely hundreds and probably thousands of photographs - but so many of them are quickly snapped on a phone and not great quality and also as one of us is usually taking the photo of the other with Reuben or Reuben on his own, there are actually not many photos of the three of us. 


We decided to do the session in Battersea Park, as it is a park that has a lot of memories for us, from before Reuben was born, but also I spent a lot of time there with him last summer when he was a newborn. It was also where we went for our first outing with Reuben after we got home from the hospital. It is totally one of my favourite parks in London. We did the shoot at 10am on a Monday morning and the sun was shining so brightly! It was actually not great light for a photographer but Siobhan did such a great job. I really love the photos with the dappled light streaming in through the tree and bushes. 


To be totally honest neither Neil or I are naturals in front of the camera and I don't really love having my photo taken but Siobhan did such a great job of chatting to us and making us feel totally at ease - she gave us some directions to get in certain positions or look a certain way, but mostly we just hung out and played with Reuben and she just snapped away. 


A few weeks after the shoot Siobhan sent us about 80 images that she had edited and it was seriously so hard to choose which ones to share in this blog post. But I got there eventually. These are definitely some of my favourites and they just make me so happy looking at them. Memories of a wonderful morning, but also my two favourite humans who I love living life with.

This last photo is my absolute favourite. I just love the look on both of their faces but particularly love how Reuben is looking over the Thames. I feel like now we have left London these photos from one of our last weeks there are even more precious and as soon as we have a new house sorted I will be getting this one, and some of the others printed to go on our wall for sure.

If you have ever thought about getting someone to take photos of your family, I can't recommended it enough, and obviously I think Siobhan is awesome so if you are in London you should totally hire her! She has just launched her new website which showcases more of her work and you can see some of the other beautiful family shoots that she has done. Also, something that Siobhan is now offering which sounds amazing, are various mentoring packages. There are a few different packages which would be ideal if you need someone you to help and support you with your photography or creative business. You could also go on one of her wildness tonic photo walks which sound so much fun! I am just gutted she didn't start them before I left! Anyway, I will leave you to go and explore her site and all the cool things she is offering. 

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the 4 day week! x