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Print Swap

I follow lots of blogs by various creatives...illustrators, designers, photographers etc, and every now and then someone will post some work that make me think 'wow - I really want that on my wall'.  A little while ago I bought a print, of a collage by Laura, after seeing it on her blog and falling in love with it. 

Anyway, I have been a follower of Rhianne's lovely blog for a while now and a little while before Christmas she did a post and the photographs were just stunning...I am not really sure what it was (maybe the colours, the delicacy) but I knew that I wanted that third image on my wall somewhere. 

I got in touch with Rhianne and she said she would be happy to sort out getting a print done - the same day I posted a picture on Instagram of the prints that I had screen printed at Print Club London and Rhianne messaged me saying she loved it and how about doing a print swap! 


What a great idea right?! I love having work by all different people over my walls and in particular work by creative people I have made friends with online or offline. 

Anyway Rhianne's photograph is framed and on my wall now and it makes me so happy. 

If any other creative types are ever interested in a print swap with me, I would love to hear from you. It is such a lovely idea! (I actually have 2 of the 'let's be adventurers prints left)