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Summer party/BBQ printable
Summer party printable Liz Mosley

I haven't done a printable for a while as we were away last month but I am back to it with a summery edition. I have been day dreaming about some gatherings in the park and BBQ's in our back garden and thought about how fun it would be to send out actual physical invites. People don't do that sort of thing as much anymore but how excited would you be to get one of these invites in the post. Anyway I did two versions depending on what sort of gathering or party you were having. All you need to do is download them HERE - print out, cut out, fill in the gaps and then find a suitable matching envelope! 

summer party printable Liz Mosley
summer party printable Liz Mosley
summer party printable Liz Mosley

These invites are for personal use and must not be re-distributed or used for financial gain. 

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend. We are celebrating birthdays and hanging out with friends - hopefully lots of time in the park! 

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Free gift tag printable

Guys I don't know what it is about May but it is one busy month for birthdays for me! Seriously there are so many. Anyway I have been wanting to make some gift tags for a while that I could use on my gifts to make them a bit cuter. I am a kraft paper, bakers twine wrapping kind of girl and like to keep things simple and I think these tags fit in with that perfectly. I printed them on white card and kraft paper but you could print them on any colour you like if you wanted to brighten your gift up! ALSO I doubled up on tags as some are patterned and some have type on which I think worked quite well. There are 8 tags for you to choose from and you can them HERE, All you need to do is print out on whatever card you like, cut them out along the lines and then punch a hole in the end! 

These tags are only for personal use and most not be re-distributed or used for financial gain. 

Hope you have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!

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Patterned Bunting - Free download

It seems like with the arrival of Spring there are more birthdays and little celebrations going on. I wanted to find a pretty quick and easy way to add a bit of colour and fun to our house with some non-permanent decorations. Bunting is always a fun way to do that but I wanted something that was easy to put together (rather than having to spend hours sewing - which I have done before!) so I decided to make some paper bunting. 

You can make the bunting as long or short as you like just print off more sheets for a longer one. All you need to do is print off the designs (there are 2 patterned and 2 solid colour which you can arrange and alternate as you like) punch a hole in each corner, thread some string or ribbon through the holes and then voila, it 's ready to hang, either by tying or washi taping them to a wall. 

I am going to use these for some birthday celebrations but in the meantime I hung a few in our bedroom to add a bit of colour and decoration to our blackboard wall. If you want to have a go too just download them HERE

I hope you are enjoying the long Easter weekend so far. It is always a great time to stop and take stock and remember what Jesus did for us. I have been taking sometime to think today about His sacrifice and what that means for my life and just thinking about how much I have been blessed with and have to be grateful for.

I will be back on Monday with a little tour of my home studio which I am excited about! Have a lovely weekend!

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Illustrated envelopes - FREE PRINTABLE

These printable posts are seriously my favourite to put together. I love coming up with simple but striking things that are easy for you to print and use at home. This month's is a favourite because I love sending snail mail especially when the envelopes are a bit out of the ordinary, so make receiving post even more exciting. 

There are 3 different envelope designs in this printable and you can download them HERE


All you need to do is cut the envelopes along the edges. Fold the bottom up (the line it should be folded on is in line with the bottom of the flaps). Then fold the flaps over. Try and make sure your folds are straight so the envelope looks like it is rectangular. Stick down the folds using glue or double sided sticky tape and then you are good to go! Pop your letter in, use some washi tape or sellotape to stick it down and send away! 

There is no way that receiving one of these in the post would not put a smile on someone's face. I am using them to send little encouraging notes to my sister who is in her final year of university and working hard to finish her course!

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Valentines Printables (Free)

I am not really big into Valentines day but I am into letting people know how much I love them whatever time of year it is, so I wanted to do a free printable that you could use for V-day but also at any other time. If you click HERE then you can download the 3 hand inked quotes that you can see in the images above and below. They are set up A4 size so all you need to do is download them and press print. 

Black type on white always looks good, but you could always print them onto coloured paper and card. They work washi taped to the wall or even framed and given as a gift! 

I also like the idea of hiding them around the house in places that the person you love will find them. Little messages of love to find throughout the day. 

I hope you enjoy using them and giving them. If you take any pictures of them in situ on twitter or instagram please tag me! I would love to see them.  

*please note these prints are copyright © Liz Mosley, 2015, and are only for personal use and must not be used for re-sale or any financial gain* 

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Birthday Calendar Printable (free)

I have been meaning to do some more printable's on the blog, so I figured why not make that a bit of an aim for 2015 and start as I mean to go on.

For ages I have been wanting to make myself a birthday calendar. Usually I use one of these big wall calendars by Crispin Finn which I absolutely love - but I get a bit bored of every year having to go through and put everyone's birthday's on it, so I thought I would finally put together a calendar just for birthdays that I can then use every year and that I can share with you guys too!

This calendar is so easy to print and put together. All you need is 12 x A4 sheets of paper or card (I printed it on pretty thin printer paper but you can see in the pictures where the ink has made the paper a bit wrinkly so I think I might reprint on thicker card - and hopefully then it will last longer) - Download the printable pdf from HERE and then just print it out on your A4 sheets. 

Then all you need is an A4 clipboard. I really like a nice simple one. You just clip your A4 sheets into the clipboard and it is super easy to change the month as you go along. 

And you can keep adding birthdays to it - so now there is no excuse for not remembering!

Hope you enjoy!

*please note this calendar is copyright © Liz Mosley, 2015, and is only for personal use and must not be used for re-sale or any financial gain*