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Currently... (in Venice)


I have been meaning to do another one of these currently posts for ages and I thought since I was on holiday in Venice and having a bit of down time (in between wandering the streets and eating) I would do a post from here...this is what is going on: 

taking: loads of photos. Venice is just stunning and around every corner is a beautiful canal/building/scene to be photographed. Also Burano = most colourful place I have ever been - I think it will need a blog post all of its own. 

Cooking: King prawns and other treats that we brought from the Rialto market. SO MUCH fresh seafood it was amazing.

Watching: Series 4 of Damages. It has been so fun to watch a box set together. 

Reading: The Watcher in the Shadows by Carlos Zafon. I couldn't put it down and it was scary - then I found out it's a kids book. haha. Anyway I would totally recommend it. I bought it at the airport on NM's recommendation and devoured it within a few days of holiday...going to check out some of his other books. 

Wearing: Warm clothes...but not needing a coat. Am fearing the winter coat will need to come out when we get back to London. 

Noticing: that we are doing A LOT of walking and hoping that this might cancel out all the eating and drinking we are doing.  Ever heard of Cicchetti? If you are ever in Venice make it your business to find out about it and sample the delights!

Thinking: I really need to eat less bread!

Grateful: For this holiday and just having some space to chill and think - the last few weeks and months have been pretty mental and this is the recharge I think we both needed to get us through to Christmas!

Starting: to design more greetings cards in my a few more ideas for christmas cards and even started thinking about some valentines ones - hoping to have the latest batch up in the shop next week

Obsessed: with the paper shops in Venice. So many sheets of beautiful marbled and handprinted paper, and so many notebooks.  

Enjoying: watching lots of Japanese tourists photographing themselves all over Venice with selfie sticks! Ha. 

Dreaming: about growing my little etsy business that I have started. A few exciting things have been coming up recently that I have been motivating me to keep going and keep working hard at it.