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We ate at: The Breakfast Club
breakfast club
breakfast club

I've decided to do a new little feature on the blog. NM and I are united in our love of food. We're trying to be frugal and not eat out as much at the moment but to encourage us to try new places and not keep going back to the same places we've decided to do little reviews about our outings. We've got a list of questions, which we'll both answer and that will hopefully give you a good feel for the place! We had a day off on Monday, so made our way down to the latest incarnation of  The Breakfast Club on Battersea Rise (the queues at the weekend are pretty mental...we are talking about 10-20 people down the street so a Monday morning seemed like the ideal time to go!). Here is what we thought (Just in case it wasn't obvious my answers are on the left and NM's are on the right) -

[one_half] 1. How were you feeling before heading out?Relaxed, we were having a day off and had a nice lie in. I did get annoyed with NM on the way there because he was going on about something annoying. I have forgotten what now. All was forgiven pretty quickly what with the excitement of a MASSIVE breakfast

2. What first struck you on entering the restaurant?The front door had a sign that said ‘enter for good times’ – always a good start. The decoration of the place was suitably cool and there were lots of things to look at and admire.

3. What was the service like?They guy serving us had excellent facial hair and was very friendly (so friendly that at one point I seemed to tell him all about my life…short of telling him my address and bank details!). We were left waiting a bit long for a coffee but once we mentioned it they were all over it and apologetic.

4. What did you order?The American – which is a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, poached eggs, a sausage and some awesome little potatoes. It was like 2 different breakfasts all rolled into one but it totally worked!!

5. How would you rate the food?It was reaaaaalllly good. Really good quality and nicely presented. It was things you would expect for breakfast but with their own personal style/twist.

6. How would you describe the vibe of the place? Pretty hipster and cool, one side was covered in retro floral wallpaper another in beautiful blue and white tiles with wood paneling. 50's diner style bar - there was a lot going on. I like it when a place has thought about all the details!

7. Would you go again?Definitely. I think we are going again next week with friends – I spotted quite a few other things on the menu that I wanted to try…like the breakfast burrito! NOM NOM.


[one_half_last] 1. How were you feeling before heading out? I was looking forward to having a hearty breakfast and just enjoying a long awaited day off!

2. What first struck you on entering the restaurant? Without wishing to sound dull - the decor and layout as I'd been to this place before when it was another restaurant, so interesting to see what they've made of the place.

3. What was the service like? It was pretty good, at times it was slightly over friendly for my liking, but that's probably a personal thing!

4. What did you order? I had The Full Monty, which was huge!

5. How would you rate the food? I'd say it was pretty good, top points for the fruit juices which were really invigorating and poached eggs which were spot on. Personally I like less beans, but an awesome black pudding brought me round.

6. How would you describe the vibe of the place? The decor was a 50's vibe, which I thought they didn't totally pull off in the sense that it seemed a bit too clinical and thought out, it couldn't been a bit more spontaneous and home-made. Good music playing throughout was a good point though

7. Would you go again? Yeah I would, although on a weekend the queues are ridiculous, which totally puts me off. We went on a Monday to avoid the rush