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Beautiful in this skin

I actually feel quite moved by this project - and think this image is so beautiful. It is a new portrait series that Natalie McComas is working on and just can't wait to see the results. The series will be photographs of people will dramatic and visible birthmarks and will look at how this affected their lives and they way they think about themselves. The photograph above is of Patience Hodgson who is the lead singer of the Australian band the Gates. This is what Patience has to say about her birthmark:

I love my birthmark’s spectrum of colour. When I’m warm it’s a kind of red-purple, like the colour of some plums and when I’m cold it’s a vivid, almost neon blue. I also like how it’s a kind of protective barrier protecting me against non-accepting and unthoughtful people.”  - Patience

Looking at this image I don't think you can help but see the beauty that Natalie has so wonderful captured.

I don't have any visible birthmarks but I do sometimes struggle to feel beautiful in my own skin > something I definitely need to work on, and this project has really inspired me - It has inspired me to be better at looking for the beauty around me and seeing it in myself. I can't wait to see more. To find out more about the project visit Natalie's website.