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our lives in polaroid

Ok so technically not polaroid but instax...but hey its the same deal. These are some pics that we took on our honeymoon. It was such an amazing time. I am hoping to have a wall full of instax pictures documenting our lives and also people who visit us in the kitchen and these will definitely be going up there!! I love the bottom left one of Mount Etna and the top right with NM's wonky sunglasses.

Ortigia food market

So it probably won't come as a massive surprise that NM and I love food. NM is more of a foodie than me and seems to know so much...but he has been teaching me. Anyway the choice of a Sicily as a honeymoon destination was totally influenced by our love of Italian cuisine, and as predicted it was amazing. We ate a lot of really lovely food. One of my favourite food experiences of the holiday was discovering an amazing food market just around the corner from our hotel. We were in heaven – people offering us samples left, right and center – tables and tables full of the freshest ingredients – mountains of fruit – giant fish. Here are a few of the photos that I snapped on my phone.


This last one, was a lovely little shop in the market where they put together an incredible tasting platter for us full of different meats and cheeses from the deli with a delicious glass of wine. It was possible one of my favourite lunches of all time...and we ended up buying lots of yummy treats from that shop! Nothing like good customer service eh!

It did really make me appreciate what it a different it makes to have fresh incredients that are amazing quality. I can only dream of having a market like this to do my weekly shop in! Hope you are not all salivating too much after looking at these pics! Apologies for them not being great quality. I took them on my phone and then edited them with VSCO CAM.

Life recently
my life recently in pics

We are back! back in the real world! Sorry for the silence on the blog for the last month. Life has been full of exciting new things and adventures. We got married (the day was perfect!) we went on honeymoon (I love Sicily) we tried to organise the house a bit with our combined stuff and now we are back at work and getting used to being Mr and Mrs. Busy times. Here is a little round up of photos from my phone of the last few weeks (notice there are a lot of food pics!). I have got so many posts that I have been dying to do about the wedding, and posts about the honeymoon so expect more regular posting from now! hopefully you won't get bored! Have been missing the blogging so am really looking forward to getting back into it! Hope you all have great weekends! x