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Charity Placemats

So I have been looking at some old projects I have worked on recently, and I found this - it was one of my all time favourites. It was a set of placemats designed for a charity auction organised by Ella Doran. I worked on these with Michael Gough when I worked at Sparks Studio and it was so much fun! Making letter forms out of condiments is always going to be fun and messy. I used piping bags designed for icing cakes, stencils, and some of the letters I just had to mould by hand. The placemats also got featured in a book called Fingerprint No. 2 which is all about handmade elements in graphic design. I am actually really missing getting my hands dirty, and making things rather than just sitting in front of a computer all day (my poor little eyes are not loving it) I hope later on the year when I have got my little studio set up at home I will be able to get messy and create. Hopefully that will influence my designs as well.

If you have a minute go check out Sparks Studio to see more of the amazing work that they do.