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a collection of sunsets

So not only am I trying to de-clutter and sort out all my physical possessions but I also need to tackle my digital possessions. This is something I need to get on top of pronto or it is going to get even more overwhelming and out of control! In particular I need to come up with a good way of organising and storing my images (if anyone has any amazing systems they would like to share I am all ears!) Anyway enough of that, while going through lots of old images I discovered that I had accumulated quite a little collection of sunset images over the years (I think some of these are over 10 years old!). I really do love a good sunset. I think it is one of the most beautiful things in the world and the colours just blow me away. God seriously is an artist and I love that he creates things like sunsets that are so beautiful they take our breath away. 

This last photo was me and a friend - lying on the top of a mountain (hmm maybe hill) that we had climbed and we just lay in the grass and watched the sunset over us. It was pretty amazing. 

It is often frustrating photographing sunsets because they never come out as good as in real life (and some times I think its better to not even bother trying and just enjoy them - not everything has to be photographed right?).

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little bit of sunset inspiration for a Friday and have lovely weekends planned. 

Today I am going to be selling my wares (from 10-5) at The Green Room Cafe in Stoke Newington. If that is your hood stop by and come and say hey! I have really enjoying selling my stuff at markets and meeting customers and making new friends. 

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