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Thankfulness with The Gratitude Attitude

A few weeks ago the lovely Krissie from The Gratitude Attitude sent me one of her lovely journals (we did a little product swap and I sent her some of my thank you cards and other goodies). I have heard lots of people talk about gratitude journalling and how it had helped them - and although I generally try to be as grateful for all the blessings I have as possible, it really is easy in the business of everyday to forget and take things for granted. 

I started using the journal everyday and writing down the three things I was grateful for. I have never done this before - and I think it definitely makes a difference to have to write them down. It gives you more intention - and for me writing things down always helps me to remember better. 


Interestingly the first few days I didn't really notice a difference - but I realised I was being too broad and pretty generic and was picking things that were a bit too obvious. I started off with things like being grateful for my family and our new house etc. I soon realised that I needed to get into the real details, like why am I grateful for my family - what are the little particular things that they do that make me feel loved and supported. Why am I grateful for my house. What are the specific things in the house that make my life better and happier and help me. When I started to be grateful for much smaller things that I'd easily took for granted in the past - I started to notice my mindset change, and I think my general attitude improved. 

I don't have tonnes of free time with looking after a toddler, organising redecorating our house and running a small business, and so what I love about this journal is it doesn't ask much of me. All I need to do is write down 3 things each day I am grateful for, and that takes me less than 5 minutes. When I have a bit more time it's lovely to go through the journal and read the quotes and articles and look at the beautiful artwork - but on the days I am in a rush I can just do the bare minimum. This works really well for me and feels like something that I can actually commit to - and I have on the most part. The other thing I really appreciate in the design is that it is not dated. I have tried other journals in the past that I haven't got on with so well because I just felt so guilty if I missed a day (and then because it had dates there was a blank space) - where as this diary each day is just numbered. If I missed a day (which I did miss one or two) then I just carried on where I left off and it didn't matter. 


Although I think I am only at the very beginning of my journey of being intentionally grateful and I don't think two weeks is enough to see a big change, I have started to notice my mindset shift slightly. The main thing I have noticed is that because I know each day I will be writing down three things I am grateful for that day, I seem to mull it over in the day. I spend more time in the day thinking of things I am grateful for and not just the few minutes at the end of the day that I write them down. This has definitely made me feel more positive in general and I feel like I am handling things that I find hard on a day to day basis a little bit better. I feel like there is a bit more peace, patience and calmness as I go about my day. 

Now don't get me wrong...I have a looonnggg way to go - and a lot of room for improvement in all of those areas. But I feel encouraged that I and my husband have noticed the difference in just a few weeks of practising gratitude. 

I am so excited to fill this journal up over the next year - and to then have it to look back over, almost as a record of the year and I am sure it will give me insight to what has been going on in my life. I hope that this is a new habit that I will continue for ever - and it is made so much easier by having a beautiful journal to do it. 

Krissie really has done an incredible job with the design. I have to admit that it's perfectly to my taste. All of the details have been considered - from the embossed cloth bound cover, to the bookmark ribbons. The layout is simple and clean and very easy to use but is peppered with interesting and inspiring quotes, essays and beautiful artwork. If you are the remotest bit interested in design and creativity then you will love this journal. 


As you start to think about the big event coming up in a couple of months, (ahem Christmas) consider The Gratitude Attitude journal as a perfect gift for a friend or family member. It could be someone who is going through a tough time and needs a bit of encouragement - or it could just be someone who appreciates good design and some positive thinking. 

Thank you Krissie for making something so beautiful and for putting so much positivity out into the world! 

Do you practice gratitude journalling? I would love to know if it has helped you or how it has changed you!