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a little wandering in the Gower

Quite a few months ago now (yeah yeah I am way behind on posting loads of stuff!) we took a little a trip to the Gower in Wales with some wonderful friends and it was pretty awesome. The weather wasn't amazing but we still managed to get out, sit on the beach and get burnt. Here are a couple of pics. Not all of these pics were taken by me...some were taken by Steve.  The Gower area on the south coast of Wales is seriously beautiful and a place that I really want to explore more. I think in the past I have always had major wanderlust for exploring foreign climbs but I think I am coming around to the idea that holidays in the UK are pretty cool too, I have quite a long list of places that I would like to explore.

Talking of foreign adventures though - I am looking forward to sharing some pics from Colombia soon too over the coming weeks - and next month we head to Venice. Am feeling super blessed that we have got to do go on some awesome trips since we got married. I really do love adventures with that guy.