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etsy birthday wishlist

As if getting married wasn't exciting enough I have a birthday coming up (ok blatantly its no where near as exciting as getting married...and this year it will be low key - but still!) and since being back from honeymoon and spending a little bit more (A LOT MORE) time on the internet I have seen quite a few things that I am loving on etsy. Also somethings that I have posted here before that I still love. Anyway I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do a little round up/birthday wishlist so as to hint to NM in a very unsubtle way some things I would like. (I am still not even sure he reads this blog though! haha) Man etsy is awesome. Hope you enjoy these things. Go buy them for someone you love!


I have seen these totes all over and Chloe has one and I am jealous haha - I like the black one - they are from Fieldguided (her blog is AMAZE too)


Since choosing a very thin delicate gold wedding band I am into thin gold jewellery. This ring is cute. It is from Diament Jewelry


How cute are these pencils?! SO CUTE - they are from Knot & Bow - an all time favourite etsy shop


I love this bracelet. Simple and beautiful. It is from Petite Co


This last one is from Chloe's shop. I love it and I totally need to think less and live more! I want to have a wall in my house full of beautiful prints by Chloe.