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Book Review: In Progress by Jessica Hisch

I have been a fan of Jessica Hische's work for a quite a while now, and have enjoyed listening to talks that she has given and exploring her website. I find her a really interesting person and she seems like she has a really good sense of humour (I seriously just want to be her best friend! ha). Anyway, when I discovered that she had brought out a book all about her process and a sort of behind the scenes of how she works I just couldn't help myself, I had to get a copy. 

The book itself has the feel of a coffee table book. The cover is very nice and thick and there are beautiful typographic end papers (see the photo below). It is a thick book and is the sort of book that you could just flick through and look at the images and feel inspired but there is also a lot of meat to it and plenty to sit down and read and get really stuck into. It took me a while but I finally got my act together and found time to read it cover to cover and it did not disappoint. 

The book is layed out really well. It starts off with a bit about Jessica's career history and the path that she took to get to where she is. I really like her writting style because it's quite friendly and chatty and you almost feel like it is a conversation. She then goes onto to share a lot of information about her process, all of the tools she uses and how she goes about working on a project. I thought this section was very generous. I always think it is so kind when artists and designers share a lot about their process because it is really helpful. Usually there has been a lot of trial and error and research for them to come up with their ultimate tool list, and their process always comes from years of learning from mistakes. 

The book then goes on to share a lot of Jessica's work. A lot of it was work that I had seen before online but what I loved was being able to see the sketches behind the final pieces and see the process that she had talked about earlier in practice. She has also written little bits about each project which are often really interesting just because of who the clients were and again she is very generous in sharing lessons that she learnt through the process of that particular project. 

I have to say, I think this is one of my favourite design books. I have to confess that often I buy books like this and flick through and look at the images and don't get around to actually reading them, but I am so glad that I took the time to read through this book. The length was ideal - it didn't take me too long to read but I really felt like I was getting a lot of quality information and behind the scenes insight into the work of one of my favourite creatives. It also helped me think through and evaluate my process and toolbox and how I can improve the way I use them and which tools are worth investing in. 

Anyway, if you haven't seen or read this book already I would 100% recommend you add it to your list. Enjoy looking at all the beautiful lettering and images but make sure you read it too! 

Hope you are having inspiring weeks so far!

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Handlettering in October
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.10.55.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.09.30.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.11.09.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.09.43.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.12.08.png

It is the end of October (!!!) and so in my mind the Christmas preparations are going to start soon. Sorry if you hate me for saying that, but I like to have plenty of time to think about present ideas and plan out what I need to do. In November I am going to share some gift ideas and will be launching my own Christmas card designs very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Here is this month's handlettering offerings. I snuck in a black on white one for a bit of a change but I think I prefer the white on black to be honest. 

I am struggling a bit with blogging at the moment and keeping up with it all, but I still really enjoy it and so am going to keep plodding on. I have had a few ideas for being more time effective with how I create content so hopefully that will help. I am always trying to think of ideas to improve and get better.

Hope you are all having inspired and creative weeks. 

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Colour study and a free desktop download

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I shared these colour palettes inspired by photographs I had taken at Kew Gardens. Well I decided to take one of them and use it as inspiration for lettering. I decided to go with the most Autumnal colour palette and a quote about Autumn. 

What do you think? I really like these colours together. While I was playing around I also decided to whip up a couple of desktop screens for you all to brighten up your computer backgrounds with and to get you in the mood for Autumn. Download the leaves here and the quote one here.  

I do generally love Autumn and all the amazing colours - but coming out of work at 5 and it being completely dark pretty much sucks. Oh well - will make sure that I enjoy the bits that count. 

Hope your weeks are off to a great start! 

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Handlettering for August and September

In the crazy busyness of August I totally forgot to post my hand lettering offerings for the month so here are the latest - all of which you can find on instagram. I am trying to shake things up in a tiny way and I really like how the 'Monday' lettering turned out. 

I have been designing lots of new cards recently and some prints in preparation for the Crafty Fox Market (please come and say hi! I would love to meet you) - and so there should be a big shop update in the next couple of weeks. Need to knuckle down and photograph everything. 

Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering

I am still trying to get back on top of my blogging schedule - in a couple of weeks I go back to 4 days a week in my day job so I should have a bit more time to get on top of things like the blog and my shop. Am really looking forward to pushing things forward and ticking off a few more of my goals for the year! 

What are you guys up to this week? Hope you have a great Monday. 

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hand lettering // July
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
Hand Lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley

I think I had been getting a bit stuck in a rut again with my hand lettering..but I really like the last 3 of this set. They are a bit different and a bit more interesting. I am going to try and use these hand letterings on instagram as a chance to experiment a bit more as I really don't do that enough. 

In other news have you seen this cute little series Bianca has started where she hand letters things her friends have said? She included something I said - turns out a lot of people can identify, haha! I am looking forward to checking out more of them as the series continues. 

In other hand lettering news I am trying to get back into practising my calligraphy after this workshop earlier in the year. I want to do the next level workshop but definitely need to work a bit harder on it before I am ready to sign up. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a great weekend. I am looking forward to hanging out with my siblings. 

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Book Review: Things I have learned in my life so far
Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley

I am back with another book review for you today. This book is called ‘Things I have learned in my life so far’ and is by the graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Sagmeister is a Austrian graphic designer based in New York and I have known about him for a long time and been a big admirer of his work. 

Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley

Now this isn’t a design book that you would traditionally expect. The book is made up of a set of zine like booklets which slot into a cover with Sagmeister’s face on and full of holes (I like the fact that if you position the zines in a different order it totally changes the look of the cover - and I'm sure that was part of the plan). Each booklet tackles one or two of the things ‘learnt’ by Sagmeister and each one is very visual and full of bright, rich typography and design work, but also includes small essays to go alongside the ‘lessons’.

I think initially I thought this book was quite self-indulgent but actually reading through it Sagmeister really does have so many interesting stories to tell and share.  

Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley

Something I have heard Sagmeister talk about before and which is mentioned a lot in the book (and is really the catalyst for the work in this book) - is when he decided to take a year off from client work, to see what happened to his work when he didn’t have any briefs to work within. I suppose to a lot of designers this would seem like the ultimate luxury - just creating work for yourself, and it is so interesting to get glimpses of how Sagmeister used this time and the work that came about as a result when he started taking on clients again. 

The list of ‘lessons’ come from a list he hurridly wrote in his diary on his year long sabbatical, which were then incorporated into client work later down the line.  

Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley
Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley

I think something I always admire and find interesting about Sagmeister is his commitment to his work and the levels he is willing to go to, and take risks for it. There have been many instances of him doing crazy things to his body for a piece of design, like this poster with the typography razor bladed into his torso. Reading about the interesting projects that he has worked on and the lengths that he goes to, to create work inspires me and gets me excited about being a designer. Design is about having something to say and a message to share, and often we are sharing a message of the client but Sagmeister does have something to say, he has wisdom to share and that comes out through his work and his words. 

His life lessons are insightful and actually come from a lot of experience which he back up with anecdotes from his life. They seem honest rather than just a list of lessons that he thought would sound good or even look good typographically.  

Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley
Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley
Sagmeister Book Review - Liz Mosley

Sagmeister is a designer to take notice of, to learn from and be inspired by. He says in his opening essay that this is a design book that is not aimed at designers and I think that is a fair assessment - I would recommend this book to anyone even if they weren’t a designer…But if you are interested in design and glimpses into the life of a prolific designer I would recommend this book even more. 

Personally, I think I get stuck in a rut of only doing client work and not just creating for the joy of it, taking the risk that it might look rubbish and not work. I play it safe - but reading through these stories from Sagmeister has made me realise how important it is to experiment, how it helps you to improve as a designer, and it impacts on your work down the line. If you are feeling stale creatively (which I actually was when I read through it recently) then get this book pronto! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We are in York and Bradford this weekend visiting family and I’m feeling happy to be out of the city and having a bit of a break.  

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Monday Moodboard

I really love pinterest for discovering new artists that I might never have heard of otherwise. Some are super famous prolific painters and others are people with small etsy shops. Either way I kind of like getting lost down a rabbit hole of beautiful art. I have been tidying up my pinterest boards recently after going to a pinterest workshop at their London office and have also added a lot more boards. 

The above artists clockwise from the top left are:
Ernesto Artillo 
Satsuki Shibuya
Francios Henri Galland

Anyway these are all from the prints board. I hope they inspire you on this Monday morning! Hope you all have a great week!

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#52handlettered (April)
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 09.35.32.png
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 09.35.20.png

Guys I have kind of fallen off the #52handlettered wagon. I might dip into it again later on but I have stopped following the prompts - BUT I have been posting handlettering on my instagram regularly which I am loving and plan to keep up with (every 6th post guys..that is how I roll now) and I guess I have kind of been coming up with my own prompts just inspired by what is going on with me. 

This month I have stuck with white type on black and I really love how it looks and I think it works really well in my instagram feed so I am definitely planning to stick with that for now!

I am not sure I will keep doing this but I have still done a little round up below of some of my other favourites that I have found on the #52handlettered hashtag this month! Just click on the images to go through to the instagram accounts and see who created them. 

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday folks! Hope you are feeling inspired and having a good week!

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Monday Moodboard

It is time for another Monday moodboard to get you inspired for the week ahead (if you want to see more of them you can check them out here). After last month's brightly coloured swimming moodboard I have gone back to my beloved black and white for this one. Maybe I will get into the habit of alternating. 

The sources are (clockwise from the top left): One - Two - Three - Four

These are just a few of the lovely black and white things I have been spotting on Pinterest recently. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and a week full of inspiration. 

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My insta faves (part 3)

You guys seem to be loving these insta faves posts (see the last two here and here) and so I figured while I still have people to share I would keep going. For this round up I decided to focus on hand letters as there are so many people who share beautiful work on Instagram but also have beautiful Instagram feeds to boot. Get stuck in and inspired with these beauties: 

@arbuzzy  - A calligrapher and printmaker, Ashley shares a mix of calligraphy and hand lettering interspersed with general life.

@arbuzzy - A calligrapher and printmaker, Ashley shares a mix of calligraphy and hand lettering interspersed with general life.

@andreasmhansen  - Based in Copenhagen, there is all sorts of lovely typography and hand lettering on this feed.

@andreasmhansen - Based in Copenhagen, there is all sorts of lovely typography and hand lettering on this feed.

@evablack_  - lots of lovely type and patterns on this feed with lovely photography - I also really like the close up details.

@evablack_ - lots of lovely type and patterns on this feed with lovely photography - I also really like the close up details.

@chelseapetaja  - If you like beautiful type and flowers this feed is for you - lots of inspiring treats and beautiful details. 

@chelseapetaja - If you like beautiful type and flowers this feed is for you - lots of inspiring treats and beautiful details. 

@sabinepick  - A custom calligraphy studio, this feed is full of calligraphy and I love the messy style and behind the scenes shots.

@sabinepick - A custom calligraphy studio, this feed is full of calligraphy and I love the messy style and behind the scenes shots.

@Biancacash  - I love this girl and her hand lettering is top notch. Her feed is a combo of lettering and dreamy photographs. 

@Biancacash - I love this girl and her hand lettering is top notch. Her feed is a combo of lettering and dreamy photographs. 

@juliesongink  - a mix of type and watercolour goodness. Lots of calligraphy for weddings and invitations. 

@juliesongink - a mix of type and watercolour goodness. Lots of calligraphy for weddings and invitations. 

@Belindalovelee  - Belinda has a really distinct style and there is a lot of type and illustration goodness interspersed with lovely photos

@Belindalovelee - Belinda has a really distinct style and there is a lot of type and illustration goodness interspersed with lovely photos

So there you have it. Hopefully there are some new ones here that you were not aware of and you can get stuck in enjoying them all. 

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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#52handlettered (Feb)

I really enjoyed the prompts from Miranti for this month's #52handlettered. I have decided to stick with the blue ink but to think more about my letter formations, style and try and vary it up a bit, and also think about adding little things to the pictures like the keys and the little hearts made out of old envelopes. At the moment I am photographing my ink creations but it is frustrating me that the backgrounds are not pure white and slightly different on each one. This is something I need to work on going forward. I guess I should probably be a bit less lazy and try scanning them. Will see if I can improve that for next month. 

I have done another round up below of some of my favourite offerings from other people. Click on the image to link through to their profiles. Happy Wednesday!


At the beginning of January on instagram I spotted a lovely idea from Miranti from Pen and Peplum, which was to do some hand lettering every week for 2015. I thought it would be a really great way to practice my lettering just for the fun of it, often I only do it for particular jobs or with cards and prints in mind, so I thought this might be a chance to experiment and play around and generally hopefully get better. I got some new inks for Christmas and I am loving the colour of this blue. It is just so rich and I love the texture created by the ink being more concentrated in some areas than others. Maybe each month I will experiment with a different coloured ink. 

I know I am going to find it hard not to be obsessed with only posting things that I am perfectly happy with, but I think it will be fun to see the images over the course of the year and see how my style and skills develop as it goes along. 

This year has already started with lots of hand lettering, with a range of new greetings cards soon to be in the shop and also a calligraphy workshop (and I am still trying to practice regularly) and I am loving it. 

Above are my first 4 contributions to #52handlettered for the year. You can find the prompts set by Miranti here and I am already looking forward to getting stuck into February's

While I have enjoyed taking part in this I have also loved scrolling through the hash tag, seeing what everyone else has been up to and also discovering some more talented people to follow. Here are a few of my favourites - If you click on the images it will take you to their instagram accounts.

If you want to follow along with my creative journey and see more hand lettering you can find me on instagram here

Birthday Calendar Printable (free)

I have been meaning to do some more printable's on the blog, so I figured why not make that a bit of an aim for 2015 and start as I mean to go on.

For ages I have been wanting to make myself a birthday calendar. Usually I use one of these big wall calendars by Crispin Finn which I absolutely love - but I get a bit bored of every year having to go through and put everyone's birthday's on it, so I thought I would finally put together a calendar just for birthdays that I can then use every year and that I can share with you guys too!

This calendar is so easy to print and put together. All you need is 12 x A4 sheets of paper or card (I printed it on pretty thin printer paper but you can see in the pictures where the ink has made the paper a bit wrinkly so I think I might reprint on thicker card - and hopefully then it will last longer) - Download the printable pdf from HERE and then just print it out on your A4 sheets. 

Then all you need is an A4 clipboard. I really like a nice simple one. You just clip your A4 sheets into the clipboard and it is super easy to change the month as you go along. 

And you can keep adding birthdays to it - so now there is no excuse for not remembering!

Hope you enjoy!

*please note this calendar is copyright © Liz Mosley, 2015, and is only for personal use and must not be used for re-sale or any financial gain* 

The studio book of alphabets

The in-house studio that I work in has been going for a really long time and it originally started as a cartographic unit in the geography department. As a result when we are having a bit of a clear out in the studio we often stumble across lots of lovely old school treats. I have found so many lovely maps over the years, some of which I have kept to put up on my walls and some of which I've made into envelopes in my shop

Anyway we were recently having a sort out and I stumbled across this lovely little book called 'The studio book of alphabets' - and being a design geek and a lover of typography I was pretty excited about it. It was first published in 1953 and the aim of the book (as stated in the introduction) was to 'provide a useful collection of well-designed alphabets, each in its entirety.' 

I took a few photos of the book and included some of the beautiful and lovely typefaces that are my favourites. I am going to treasure this book...such a lovely little find. 

Happy Friday type nerds! 

Etsy shop launch

Happy Sunday! I am so excited to be able to finally share with you my etsy shop! I have been working on it for quite a while now and the day has finally come to launch it! Head over there now if you are interested in typographic prints, greetings cards and envelopes made of old maps! I am planning to keep adding things to it every couple of weeks so it should be worth checking back every now and then too!

While stocks last I will be giving away a free tote bag with every order over £20 - so if you see anything you fancy get in there quick! The tote bag has the slogan 'Off on an adventure - back soon' on it and was hand drawn by me with an illustration of a bike. There are 20 of these tote bags so get in there before they are all gone. 

Over the coming months I am also planning to do a giveaway and some promo codes so keep checking back here on the blog and on twitter to find out what is going on and maybe snag yourself a cheeky discount! 

Anyway I am so happy to finally be properly involved in the wonderful etsy community (I have dabbled a bit in the past but am taking it a lot more seriously this time!). I would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch if you would like anything at a different size or if you would like me to work on a custom order for you! Check out the new shop here.

Have a great week! 

Monday moodboard

So - I sort of fell off the blogging bandwagon this last month. I have not been very well..I went away and in the mix of life and just trying to get better the blog fell by the wayside. I have kind of missed it but at the same time it was kind of nice to have a break too. I thought to kick start myself back into it I would do a little mood board for some Monday inspiration. I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks so there is lots to cram in before we go...but hopefully I will be able to resume slightly more regular posting now! I decided to go black and white again for this mood board...because I don't know why but my b&w pinterest board has been inspiring me so much recently.


I tried to find all the credits, but you know what it's like with's not always easy to find. Here's what I found. (clockwise from top left) 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

In other news I wish I was Audrey Tatou. also that Tree pattern is wall paper - that would look amazing.

Happy Monday all.

Judging book by their covers

So the old saying goes, 'don't judge a book by its cover' - and you know...I get it, but I am a graphic designer so I have to confess I totally do. I think books is where I so regularly see the power of good design. It affects which books I pick up and peruse at the book shop for sure. Maybe I am missing out on some great novels (and in the past I have refused to buy books that were probably very good but their covers were so ugly) but recently I have been seeing some really beautiful covers. Some of them are almost like works of art. Here are a few of my favourites I have spotted recently on good old pinterest and would love to have lying around my house. I will definitely be adding some of these to my reading list for holidays.

1. See this one is so good it actually makes me want to find out more about physics and see what is inside. Ha that proves that design can be really powerful!

2. Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov - I really love the illustrations on this cover...and a little searching on Amazon reveals a whole series of penguin classics by this author with beautiful illustrated covers.

3. Excellent hand painted type and I really like how the bar code has been incorporated into the design. I want to add this to my book shelves for sure. (also in colour on Amazon)

4. Ha I have never had the guts to really tackle Ulysses by James Joyce, (something about no punctuation) but apparently it is one of the most important works of modernist literature so maybe I should give it a chance. I really love the colour palette used for this cover. The cover was design by Fuchsia Macaree who has lots of lovely work on her site.

5. Just read the blurb about this book and it sounds to add to the summer reading list I think and the cover totally drew me in.

6. Sadly can't work out where this cover has come is not the cover that is on amazon...but I love it. If anybody knows let me know and I will add a credit.

7. Love the type and image combination on this book and the penguin logo peeping over the mountain is a nice touch. I think this penguin classic could also be worth a read by a pool in the summer. adding it to the reading list.

8. So many of these book covers are not the ones they are published with...but illustrators/designers have re-done the covers and this one is a beauty. After rummaging around I discovered it was by Paige Vickers and then got to enjoy exploring her other work on her site. I love the internet and finding new inspiration and talent.

9. This cover was designed by Elena Giavaldi, and is actually one of the rejects. I like the fun an playful nature of this cover. You can see the chosen one and other rejects here. Lots of other beautiful work her on her site too.

10. This book totally grabbed my eye and after investigating I actually bought it for my brother for christmas. I think I need to get myself a copy though as it sounds so interesting. It is an honest memoir of the realities of being a humanitarian aid worker.

11. The trees on this book are beautiful. I think not including any text on the cover is actually a really clever idea and it really does make you want to pick it up and find out more. It was designed by Laura Carlin for the Folio Society.

12.  Jane Eyre - I loved this book when I read it at school. There is something appropriately eery and hidden about this cover. I think it represents the novel really well and looks beautiful and intriguing. As far as I can work out it was designed by Sergio Serrano

Festive Tote




My buddy Luke (who I interviewed a few weeks ago) designs a beautiful festive tote bag every year. I have been lucky enough to receive one the last few years and they just keep getting better and better. This year he has created a beautiful typographic design which has been printed onto festive red and green tote bags using gold metallic ink. For the first time ever Luke has made the tote bags available for sale so all you lucky people can get one for yourself.

Seriously these would make such an awesome christmas gift, but also how fun would it be to get one of these and use it as a christmas stocking! I think I might do that with mine!

Pick up one of these tote bags from here.  Luke has very generously giving you lovely readers a 10% discount if you use the promo code 'JOY' - seriously...what are you waiting for?

The Personal Project

I love personal projects and I love seeing the personal projects that designers and makers choose to do. It seems to be a really important thing for creatives. An opportunity to totally let themselves go and create something that is not in anyway influenced by a client. I was really inspired by this personal project by Dana Tanamachi in collaboration with Andrew Ryan Shepherd this week. And Dana's other typography work is just amazing too. You should take some time to explore her website.

Some other personal projects that I have enjoyed checking out in the past are the hand written letter project by Craig Oldham and The daily drop cap project by Jessica Hische (also listen to one of her talks where she talks about procrastiworking and her side projects - it is so spot on! and see all her side projects here).

It feels so good to get inspired. The internet can really be an awesome place.

Happy Friday Folks!


Sawdust is the creative partnership of Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton and they are based in London. They have some really beautiful work in their portfolio but one of the things that really grabbed me was the Shanghai Ranking Numerals that they have created. I love how natural and flowing it looks. Its like they used washi tape to create these numbers. They are really beautiful and look great in the book that they created for Shanghai Ranking. For more inspiration go and check out their lovely website. (There is lots of beautiful typography if you are into that sort of thing!)