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Underwater adventures

I have some pictures to share in the up coming weeks from our travels to Colombia in the summer but one of the highlights was snorkeling off the carribean coast while we were there. My little sister it seems was born to be in the water..she loves it. It was almost as fun watching her diving down to the sea bed as watching the beautiful fish. she had an underwater camera with her so we had lots of fun taking photos. I think she took most of these because she was just a total natural diving down and getting close up to the brightly coloured fish. 

My favourite thing about it all (apart from the amazing fish obvs) was the way the sun made patterns through the water. Nature is seriously inspiring and I want to let it inspire and influence my work more. I am going to see if I can recreate and incorporate this pattern in some way. 

Also see that coral in the second image. That maze sort of pattern is incredible!

Anyway I hope you enjoy some of these underwater photographs. 


Down Below

I miss University. Well not everything about it, but I miss having time to experiment. To create work and it not have to be used, it not have to be for a client. I guess I miss the space to make mistakes. These days time is money, but in those days, I could spend hours trying something and if it didn't work out that was OK, as long as I learn't. I want to try and have the courage to experiment more, to try and factor in time to my life for that. These are some photos that I took when helping Chloe out on one of her projects. We got some underwater cameras and went down to a local pool and just messed around trying things out. I found them the other day having not seen them for ages and I love them. Especially the one below. I love the light spot and the slightly grainy feel of it all. I might see if I can use them in some current designs. Maybe one of the quote posters.


PS - hanging out with old friends is the best. love you chloebags x

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