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Down Below

I miss University. Well not everything about it, but I miss having time to experiment. To create work and it not have to be used, it not have to be for a client. I guess I miss the space to make mistakes. These days time is money, but in those days, I could spend hours trying something and if it didn't work out that was OK, as long as I learn't. I want to try and have the courage to experiment more, to try and factor in time to my life for that. These are some photos that I took when helping Chloe out on one of her projects. We got some underwater cameras and went down to a local pool and just messed around trying things out. I found them the other day having not seen them for ages and I love them. Especially the one below. I love the light spot and the slightly grainy feel of it all. I might see if I can use them in some current designs. Maybe one of the quote posters.


PS - hanging out with old friends is the best. love you chloebags x

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