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The Big Island

In July we travelled to the Big Island, Hawaii for a friends wedding. It was such an adventure and we had such an incredible time. I don't know what it is but Hawaii really got under our skin. We can't stop thinking about it, wishing we were there, wondering how we can get back there, and just remembering the amazing experiences we had.

We trekked through volcanic craters, snorkled with the most beautiful fish I have ever seen, saw lava flowing into the sea, ate fish taco's for the first time, saw a sea turtle chilling out on the beach, saw two friends commit to spending their lives together, ate the most incredible food at the four seasons and stayed in two beautiful cottages. Seriously it was incredible. We packed all of this into less than a week too!

The Island was unlike anywhere I had ever been! most of the time I felt like I was on another planet as it was all so volcanic. Here are a few pics of our trip and if you want to see more you can check out my vsco page. Sadly my phone died early on the trip so I lost most of the lava photos. Am still hoping I might be able to find them stored up in some cloud somewhere! (crazy!)


and a pic of NM and some details from the wedding. I don't think there are any of me! whoops. Maybe I need to raid NM's phone and see if he took any!

our wedding: part four

So I have decided to make this the last wedding post you will be relieved to hear - and it is the photobooth! Literally the most fun thing. It was so great going through after the wedding and seeing what people had got up to! This is just a selection for your entertainment :) so pleased with how the back drop came out too! So many silly pictures...and I seemed to be in there for a while! I am thinking I am going to do a photobooth at every party I have from now on! These photos make me smile so much! We seriously have the most incredible friends and family! Enjoy


all of these photos are copyright of Andrew and Jonathan Wedding Photography. Please do not use them anywhere without linking back to this post and crediting Andrew and Jonathan. Thanks!

our wedding: part three

I can't wait until tomorrow to post the next lot of pics so here we are. We later moved further into the park to the beautiful lake. We convinced some guys to let us get in one of the rowing boats and I love how these pics came out even if NM does look a bit terrified in some of them. All some really lovely detail shots. I love the one of my shoes. I am in love with those shoes - they totally made the outfit for me! anyway hope you are not all sick of these yet. Only two more lots to go and the last lot are the photobooth ones - comedy!


all of these photos are copyright of Andrew and Jonathan Wedding Photography. Please do not use them anywhere without linking back to this post and crediting Andrew and Jonathan. Thanks!

Our wedding: part two

After the service we headed of to a park just down the road to take some pictures with the wedding party. The light was stunning and we had a great time posing much to the amusement of many of the passers by in the park. We even got a round of applause at one point and a free ice cream! awesome. These are some of my fave pics.


all of these photos are copyright of Andrew and Jonathan Wedding Photography. Please do not use them anywhere without linking back to this post and crediting Andrew and Jonathan. Thanks!

our wedding: part one

I am so excited to share some of our wedding shots with you all. We had such an incredible day and Jonathan and Andrew did such a great job of capturing it all. I could not recommend them enough! I am going to be doing a few posts over the next few days (sorry if you get bored!) but here are some to get you started. We were so blessed on the day to have the most incredible sunshine...for any of you have ever visited Wales you will know that is pretty rare!

So many people helped us get ready for the day and we had lots of crafty DIY projects which to be honest I still can't believe all came together on the day! This first post is pictures of the morning and the service - which was held at the Church that I grew up in!


These girls....seriously the most awesome ever! They all looked so amazing in those dresses too!


I love that we seem to have giggled our way through the whole service!


My sister sang while we were signing the register and seriously it was the only point I welled up the whole day. It was incredible. She is going to hate me for including these pics. A friend Larry also sang but sadly we don't have photographic evidence. He was incredible too!


We walked out of the church to Le Freak by Chic. So much fun!


And then welsh cakes and lemonade in the church afterwards and lots of beautiful daffodils. We seriously had the best day. Lots more posts of later in the day to come soon!

all of these photos were taken by Andrew and Jonathan Wedding Photography. Please do not use them anywhere without linking back to this post and crediting Andrew and Jonathan. Thanks!

We Wed

So it happened. We did it. Last Saturday I married my bestie! after all the build up...that's it...its done. and now we have the rest of our lives together! I am still getting my head around it all to be honest. It was a perfect day. It went better than I could have expected. Anyway I have so many wedding related posts in my head that I want to do...but this is just a sneaky quick post while on honeymoon (NM is getting ready to go out exploring!)

Thanks to Ana for the awesome photo she snapped!

My Fave etsy shop - Wood & Grain

This week I am breaking from tradition and instead of featuring a round up of things I have found on etsy I am just going to show you one shop I have found. Let me introduce Wood & Grain. I am in love. Their shop is divine and just filled with simple and beautifully crafted things inspired by nature. A lot of the items they sell are for weddings (why did I not find them 5 months ago!!) but they also have other cute things like the thank you stickers (middle top) and also gift tags (bottom left and bottom right) which I am drooling over and may need to put in a little order pronto! They also have a lovely blog - check out this awesome invitation suite (below) that they did for their own wedding! - Incredible. Go check out their shop and blog. This is definitely my favourite etsy shop right now. I will let you know when I find another gem.

We Love because...

We have chosen the passage that is going to be read at our wedding, and I was doing a little hand lettering for the order of service and then thought it would work well as a poster for this week. I decided to keep it simple just black and white. I really love this bible verse. It is 1 John 4:19. Don't forget how much He loves you!!

We have the longest list of wedding related things to get done...but less than 8 weeks until the wedding now! crazy.

My Favourite Hair Accessories

Recently I have been trying to work out what to do with my hair for the wedding. This has resulted in a lot of time perusing hair accessories on obviously I have put together a little round up of my fav's! What do you think? Are any of these wedding worthy? I am loving number 1, very simple but looks great, 5 is awesome because who can resist a bow AND polka dots (probably not for the wedding though) 6 I love but mainly because that girl is rocking AWESOME hair! and 7 well the colours are ace. Don't feel like I am any closer to making a decision so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions feel free to comment below. In the meantime find all of these beauties here: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

My Favourite Rings

So I have been looking for wedding rings on etsy recently...and I have found so many lovely rings. I thought I would do a round up of my favourites. I don't think I would wear all of these but I really like them. It is so funny how my style has changed. I used to be all about big silver chunky jewellery (which I still really like) but recently I have been leaning towards more dainty simple gold rings - I think influenced by my engagement ring which is thin and gold. You can find them all here - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and just for the record my fav's are: 2,5,6,7 - which ones do you like?


Let me introduce to my 'special' friend - Mr Mosley...all round legend...and excitingly since friday my Fiancé!!!! (brave brave man!) He pulled the most perfect proposal out of the bag. Anyway life is just a whirlwind of all sorts of things to do and people to see at the moment so apologies for my somewhat sporadic posting. The blog may be featuring a fair few wedding related posts over the next few months about things I am learning and things we are making. Check in to find out how we are getting on.