Last week we decided to do our own little Thanksgiving celebration. Why should those Canadians and Americans get all the fun. NM put together an incredible feast despite the rubbish oven and my very long list of food items I wanted! haha. It was incredible, and I even made a pumpkin pie for dessert (which I forgot to photograph) I think it is really good to be reminded every now and then to be thankful (well actually probably every day!). In the business of everyday life it is so easy to forget to be thankful and to get swept in up in the things that might not be going so well. I have so many incredible things to be thankful for this year. I have been reading some stuff by John Piper recently and one thing that really struck me was "The point is that gratitude glorifies the giver." In psalms its says "He who overs a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors God" (Psalm 50.23) This was such a good reminder to me to be more thankful to God for all the incredible things he has given me. Happy belated thanksgiving all!

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