The Good Life

This weekend my parentals came to visit and we did some gardening. In my garden we found loads of potatoes - so we dug them all up! (see left pic) It was amazing, and then NM made a yummy cottage pie with them! (see right pic). I felt like I was living in the good life! So I can't actually take credit for this bountiful crop of potatoes as it was who ever lived in the house before me who planted them...along with strawberries, rosemary, sage and other things that we probably haven't identified yet! anyway I am enjoying it all none the less. It is making me think I really want to start growing more food that I can eat. there is something really satisfying about picking/digging something you have grown and then eating it that evening for dinner. Just going to go have a look at some raised beds I can buy. Watch this space for further gardening adventures!

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