things I am loving on Etsy

I felt in the mood for a little round up of some things that I am loving on Etsy so here is my latest edition. Recently I have been really re-thinking what artwork and prints that I have on my walls. I am moving some things around and also in the market for some new artwork to fill in some gaps. There is loads of amazing artwork that you can find on Etsy so I thought I would share some of my favourites that I have found in my searches. Hope you enjoy! 

1. Succulents Print - Small Adventure - Everyone is crazy for succulents right now and this would have fit in perfectly with yesterdays 'blush' moodboard. This illustration would be a beautiful addition to any wall. 

2. Sweater - Karolin Schnoor - I am a huge Karolin Schnoor fan and I have loved this print for a long time now. I love the monochrome and the composition of this piece. 

3. Coney Island - Sophie Backall - eek! how cute is this illustration. I think this would look so fun and playful on the wall. Those tattoos! That moustache! 

4. My Brain - A Pair of Pairs - This print totally sums up how I feel so often! That is probably why it's so popular, so many people can relate to it. Simple black and white but lovely hand lettered type.

5. Woman and branch - depeapa - I really like the childlike nature of this illustration. It is so simple but just so perfect. I think this would add a great pop of colour to a wall or room. 

6. Get Lost in Nature - Worth While Paper - This is such a great bold typographic print. Love the combination of type and foliage. 

Now just need to decide which of these to add to my collection! Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday. 

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