hand printed paper from Venice

When I was in Venice last year I discovered lots of incredible paper shops selling sheets of stunning hand-printed paper. It was like heaven for me. I just appreciate the craftsmanship so much.  I found one particular shop (I am sure there were many others) that had a really good selection of handprinted and also machine printed papers. I bought a selection of both. The handprinted was a lot more expensive than the machine printed understandably so I treated myself to 2 sheets of handprinted and 4 sheets of machine printed. I am such a geek I was just so excited about them. 

It got me thinking that I would really love to be able to print out large sheets myself to use as wrapping paper or for other crafty projects. In the shops they sold notebooks, frames, pen pots absolutely all sorts covered in the beautiful papers. 

Although I don't have a screenprinting set up I do have a few different options. I think I might try doing some designs and printing them on Kraft paper on my A3 printer, but also I really want to do some linocut wrapping paper. Last weekend I went to a great little linocutting workshop and it got me really excited to have another go after my attempts last year

Maybe next month's printable will be wrapping paper too. Even just printing out A4 sheets would work great for wrapping small gifts for friends and family. Keep an eye out!

Happy Friday all, hope you have  fun and inspiring weekend! I am off to the Etsy wedding fair with my buddy who is getting married so looking forward to checking out all the goodies!

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