Wedding photo album: Artifact Uprising


I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I only got our wedding photos printed into an album just before Christmas. That is 3 and a half years after we got married! Whoops. I had started and tried to finish it lots of times but it just seemed like too big a task and life was always so busy I just kept putting it off. 

Anyway I want to share some pictures with you of how it turned out. After umming and ahhing about who to get it printed with I decided to go for Artifact Uprising. I had admired their albums for a while but had been put off because they were based in America and I figured the shipping would cost a lot. In then end I just decided to go for it - and it did end up being quite an expensive option, but when it arrived I was so pleased with my decision. This is going to be a book that I will treasure for ever so I am glad I spent the money.


The quality of the book is really incredible.  The cloth hardboard cover is beautiful and I really loved the colour choices they had on offer. I actually decided to go for a nice grey as I wanted something subtle and not bright. The print and paper quality is also stunning (and trust me I am a print nerd so I really care about that sort of thing). There were different options in terms of the paper cover - and I decided to go for one that only partially covered the book because I really love the cloth binding and wanted that to be a visible feature of the book.


I found the whole process of using the Artifact Uprising website really easy (it was the editing and choosing the photos that took all the time!). They had plenty of different page layouts to choose from and you could even customise them to a certain degree if you wanted something a bit different (I didn't really make use of that as I liked the really simple existing layouts but I know other places where you can get books printed are pretty limited on page layouts so I like that it was an option). 

Another good thing about the website is that you can save products and come back to them later so you don't have to complete the book in one sitting. This was vital for me because it took me so long and I kept changing my mind so it was nice to go back to it and not have to start from scratch again! 


I think if you want to get one really special book printed I would definitely recommend Artifact Uprising. The only draw back is the fact that they are in the US and so it costs a lot. I recently found a good UK company doing photo books so I will be sharing a review of that in the next week or two! 

This year since having a baby, getting photos off my phone and camera is one of my goals! We have never been very good at having photos around the house of us or our family but that needs to change I think.

Hope you have a great week! 

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